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Frequently Asked Questions - Cabinet Lock - YC10

A low voltage electro-magnetic cabinet lock for securing cupboards and drawers.

Pre-made packs that provide all the components to lock multiple cabinets.

To provide a safe environment and prevent unnecessary injuries of children in potentially dangerous areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, garages. To limit access to cabinets in work places, retail stores, educational facilities, and leisure centres. To secure documents or valuables.

A lock is mounted inside the cabinet, a strike secured to the door or drawer, a transformer supplies the power and a switch releases the lock. As the cupboard or drawer is closed, the strike automatically engages with the lock and the cabinet is secured. Unlocking is achieved by activating the hidden switch using a supplied magnetic wand. Each door or drawer that requires securing has its own lock but only one transformer is needed to supply power to all the locks.

It is cost effective, aesthetic and easy to use and install.

  • The ability to secures both drawers and cupboards without external fittings or damage, positioning locks at the backs of drawers to avoid compromising space or appearance.
  • The strength to prevent unwanted entry.
  • Automatic relocking.
  • The ability to engage or disengage locks in one easy step, for example when visiting grandchildren arrive or leave.
  • Home automation or access control system integration.

Any environment where there is need to secure cupboards and drawers.

With no drilling and ready made wires supplied, installation is easy; all you need is a screwdriver. An installation aid is provided with each lock so no measuring is required to get the exact location of the strike, and the wires simply plug in.

Unlike other products on the market that require you to lock manually, the YC10 has a ‘slam’ feature which means simply closing the door will secure it.

Other products on the market, such as the hook and lever and external zip locks, can be bypassed by clever toddlers. The YC10 locks are strong enough to prevent forced entry so assuming the magnet wand is kept out of reach of children, they cannot be easily breached.

The YC10 features an over-ride mechanism on the strike and by simply sliding it into position the drawer or cupboard will remain unlocked.

The YC10 is powered by a 12VDC transformer, however power usage is minimal as the locks only draw power when the magnetic wand is used. Up to 30 locks can be powered from a single transformer and having a YC10 System installed will not make any noticeable difference to a power bill.

The YC10 locks are fail safe meaning if the power goes off the cupboards and drawers remain locked.