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Frequently Asked Questions - Roller Lock - YR10

The YR10 is a low voltage motor driven lock suited for securing roller shutters and doors.

To get the convenience and security of electric locking without compromising on strength. Allow or prevent access remotely and log door traffic. Automatically secure the door to ensure the buildings integrity is always maintained.

A lock is mounted inside the building on the floor or wall next to the door. A strike is secured to the door and aligns with the lock when the door is closed. In common operation simply closing the door will activate the lock and it will automatically push the lock pin out to engage with the strike and secure the door. Unlocking is achieved by sending the lock a signal from an entry or exit device (keypad, push button, biometric reader, etc) which can be connected directly to the lock or via an access control system.

There is limited competition for the YR10 with the main options being mechanical locks. The advantage of using an electric lock is the ability for it to lock itself and the ability to log when a door has been used.

The YR10 is designed for indoor use and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It can cope with occasional water splashes.

The YR10 uses power as it locks and unlocks. When operating on 12VDC the lock will use less than 300mA in activation. After it has completed its locking / unlocking action the YR10 goes into a standby mode to reduce power usage. Less than 15mA is used in this standby state.

The YR10 is made to be not only the single lock on a door but also stronger than most other locks available. It can withstand a force of 30,000N and uses a stainless steel dead-bolted pin to achieve locking.