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Frequently Asked Questions - Transit Lock - YC20

A low voltage electromechanical lock designed for securing cupboards and drawers in vehicles and in places where a battery is the preferred means of power.

To prevent cabinets opening while the vehicle is moving but also to make it easier and quicker to unlock and lock every cabinet. To remove the need to physically lock each individual cabinet, simply use one switch.

A lock is mounted inside the cabinet, a strike secured to the door or drawer, a battery supplies power to the lock via a switch. Multiple locks can be connected in parallel to the same battery. In a vehicle the power would come from the vehicles battery and in a home or workplace installation a 12VDC SLA battery would be used. Control of the locks is done via the switch where one position locks the locks and the other position unlocks them all. The switch can be wired to control all locks at once or individual switches can be installed for individual control of selected locks.

One button access to all secured doors and drawers.

  • Central or individual control of all secured cupboards and drawers.
  • The ability to secure both drawers and cupboards without external fittings or damage, positioning locks at the backs of drawers to avoid compromising space or appearance.
  • The strength to ensure the cabinets stay closed.
  • The lock and strike are mounted to the internal surface of the cabinets eliminating the need to drill holes.

The YC20 is designed for use in any vehicle and has undergone a 96 hour Salt Spray Test to ensure its suitability for boats. Additionally the YC20 can be used anywhere that cupboards and drawers need securing and because it uses so little power it is the perfect solution where battery locks are needed.

The patented technology inside the YC20 means the locks do use power, but only a very small amount. As the lock is moving from locked to unlocked or vice versa it is using power, but this only lasts for a few hundred milliseconds. Once the lock is in the locked or unlocked position the power is removed completely and there is zero load on the battery.

Once the battery is flat there can be no change made to the locks position, whether they are locked or unlocked. If the cabinets are secured, the battery will need to be re-charged before they can opened.

The limit to the number of YC20 locks that can be installed is the current rating of the switch that is being used, and the wire size used to join the locks, switch and battery together. In general using a 10 Amp switch with the correct wire, will allow 30 locks to be installed.