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Frequently Asked Questions - Lock - General

Electric locks offer the user more flexibility and convenience than that of mechanical locks. Various methods can be used to control an electric lock which can eliminate the need for carrying keys. Remote unlocking of a door, logging door users and times of entrance / exit are all possible. Additionally the Magna range of locks are strong meaning security will not be compromised in fact in most cases it will be increased.

When a lock is referred to as ‘Power to Lock’ it simply means applying power to it will cause it to lock. If it is referred to as ‘Power to Open’ then it will unlock when power is applied. There are several names to describe a locks configuration;

  • Power to Lock = PTL = Fail Safe = Fail Unlocked.
  • Power to Open = PTO = Fail Secure = Fail Locked.

Additionally some locks like the YNOTLOC YC20 don’t change state when power is removed and they are referred to as Fail Maintained.