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Standalone Access Solutions

Designed for small applications where security is important at an economical price.

The BQT Solution’s suite of MIFARE® & DESFire® 13.56MHz readers and smart cards opens the gateway to multiple security applications including access control, biometric authentication, IT security, e-purse, e-vending, time and attendance and much more!

A standalone single door access system that delivers ease of use and unsurpassed security. Smart card technology is a commonly accepted form of access control security, usually associated with complicated or costly access control systems. Now, there is no longer a need to install an access system that is hard to manage or has features you will never use.  

If your requirements are for smart cards or additional security features such as personal identification numbers (PIN) or biometrics (fingerprint), miPASS Standalone Access (SA) is the idyllic choice to suit your ‘Single Door’ security requirements.

Why use Standalone?

The miPASS SA system is perfect for sites that have less than 50 users and a small number of doors to be secured. It saves you time and money in user management and is convenient for buildings or environments where extensive wiring (networking) cannot be carried out.

Suited for any Installation
Residential – Homes, Garages/Car-parks, Apartments and common entry areas
Offices - Office & Reception areas, Server Rooms, Warehouses, Staff Car-parks
Retail - Staff access to shops, shared facilities, Managers office, Cash/Safe areas

• Simple Add and Delete process - No software or user management
• 50 users per door
• Visual and audio feedback
• Door relay and exit switch enabled
• RS485 encrypted communication between reader and Standalone Relay Module
• miPASS SA Series readers are robust & weatherproof

How it Works

The miPASS SA system is completely independent and is not networked to any access control panel and doesn’t require software.

A user is added to the system by presenting a GREEN “Add User” card switching the reader’s mode into an enrolling state. During this mode, any mifare card, fingerprint or PIN that is presented to the relevant SA Series reader is enrolled into the system for 24 hour access. A system of shadow user cards is used to administer the module.

Two “Delete users” cards are supplied to delete users from the standalone reader module. An Orange card deletes one user at a time, a Red card deletes all users enrolled on the SA module.

Enrolled user records are stored in a Standalone Relay Module (SARM) connected to the SA Series reader, which is the heart of the standalone system. The SARM verifies the user and operates the electronic door lock and exit switches. The SARM also has an optional output designed to disarm an alarm system when a valid user has gained access. An optional transfer card is available to replicate the validly enrolled users onto other standalone systems installed at the site.

We can also supply a Lock from BQT Solution’s locking range as par part of your solution.