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Product Notices

March 2011 – BT910 Slimline Biometric / Card Reader

BQT Solutions advises that it ceased manufacture of the Slimline BT910 Biometric Card Reader in March 2011 due to availability of components. The BIOX and BIOXK remain available and we are holding a small stock of parts for the BT910 Slimline Biometrics / Card Readers for limited customer repair requirements, however, this stock is limited.



BQT Solutions advises that it ceased manufacture of the SMAX Access Control System in late 2010 and commenced notifying users of the end of product life as of July, 2011. Technical support ceased as at 31 August, 2012.

Product lines affected are:-

  • SMAX Head End Server – stock unavailable/engineering support discontinued.
  • SMAX Intelligent Site Controllers (ISC) – stock unavailable / engineering support discontinued.
  • SMAX Lift Controller - limited stock available / service repairs limited.
  • SMAX Single Door Controllers (SDC –TCPIP) – limited service stock available.
  • SMAX Single Door Controllers (SDC – RS485) – parts available / device not serviceable.


July 2012 – NXP Semiconductor NV (NXP) - Chips used in 4K DESFire cards

BQT Solutions advises that NXP have ceased manufacture of the MF3ICD40 “D40” semiconductor chips used in 4K DESFire smart cards and have introduced a new technology replacement MF3ICD41 “D41” semiconductor chip to be used in these smartcards.

While NXP have reported that the D41 chip used in cards are in most cases totally backward compatible, we have noticed that as the D41 chip requires significantly more power to be energised and there appears to be a reduction in the read range in using D41 chip cards in place of the D40 chip cards.

BQT Solutions have developed a new generation of reader products which offer greater read range using the cards utilising the new D41 chip cards, contact your local BQT office for more information.


July 2013 – BT900 Style Reader

BQT Solutions advises that it has phased out the BT900 Style reader. The BT930 reader has been designed to be a direct replacement covering the footprint and affixing by the same points as the BT900.



BQT Solutions advises that the BT843 reader has been phased out of production. We now offer the new BT853 as a replacement. The BT853 incorporates updated technology and many new features.


July 2015 – 9 SERIES BACK PLATE FOR BT900 and BT930

BQT Solutions advises that the following part numbers have been discontinued (AU) B4009000000, (UK) B401000000, (US) B4011000000. Part number B4013000000, Universal Back Plate is a replacement suitable for the BT815, BT817, BT930, BT950, BT951 and MiniGuard Smart Readers.