Dual Factor Advanced Security – built to withstand harsh environments.

The BQT Solution’s suite of MIFARE® & DESFire® 13.56MHz readers and smart cards opens the gateway to multiple security applications including access control, biometric authentication, IT security, e-purse, e-vending, time and attendance and much more!

The BQT Solutions 7 Series offers a range of secure options right up to Military grade technology and encryption and provides a flexible solution through customisation to suit all access control requirements.

The BT817 Series of readers is a low profile, extremely robust unit and has been engineered to withstand the harshest of environments. The BT817 Series is designed for applications where a higher level of security is desired, offering dual authentication and switchable to ‘Card Only’, ‘PIN Only’, ‘Card or PIN’ or ‘Card and PIN’ and can output any PIN-pad format, PIN may also optionally be stored on the user card.

A HSM (High Security Module) is available to encrypt data communications between the reader and the Access Control System to prevent wiegand hacking and provide total peace of mind.

Available in several models, the BT817 caters for all security requirements large or small and offers a solution for all applications whether driven by budget or functionality.



  • BT817-1 MIFARE® Classic & CSN
  • BT817-2 MIFARE® Classic miPASS2®
  • BT817-3 MIFARE® Classic Custom Key and Format
  • BT817-4 MIFARE® DESFire® EV1® miPASS3®
  • BT817-5 MIFARE® DESFire® EV1® Custom Key and Format
  • BT817-6 MIFARE Plus® Custom Key and Format


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