The YD25K is a low voltage electronic deadbolting door lock with provision for manual override. Suited for securing commercial or residential doors because of its streamlined dimensions, the YD25K offers a great solution for narrow doors requiring a manual operation in addition to electronic control. Hidden in door frames or surface mounted to glass doors with the aid of accessories, this lock has been used successfully for over 15 years around the world. The YD25K is made to the highest specifications and boasts the following features;

  • Full electronic control and optional manual operation.
  • Monitoring of Key, Door and Bolt positions.
  • Voltage input of 12 – 24VDC can be supplied.
  • Current consumption reduction to save power.
  • Holding force of 10,000N with automatic deadbolting pin.
  • Integrated access control that offers multiple attempts to lock and unlock, anti-tailgate, anti-tamper, and selectable auto relock.

The YD25K can be connected to advanced access control systems where logging and traffic reports are important, but because of the integrated access control features, it can also operate in a simple system. By connecting the YD25K to a low voltage power supply and exit / entry devices (keypad, pushbutton, biometric reader, etc) all the basic features normally found in full access control systems are available. This makes the YD25K ideal for residential and smaller commercial applications.

Feature Specifications

PART ORDER NO. YD25K Fail safe Lock and Short Strike (YNL141A)
YD25K Fail secure Lock and Short Strike (YNL142A)
PHYSICAL SIZE Lock – 280L x 25W x 42H (mm)
Strike – 140L x 25W x 3H (mm)
HOLDING FORCE 10,000N (1,000Kg)
VOLTAGE AT LOCK 12 – 24VDC +/-10%
CURRENT USAGE Holding @12VDC – 160mA, @24VDC – 95mA
Activating @12VDC – 1250mA, @24VDC – 1000mA
MONITOR SWITCHES Key Position – 25VDC, 0.5A
Bolt Position – 25VDC, 0.5A
Door Position – 100VDC, 0.5A


The YD25K Lock is supplied with a short strike plate as standard. Additional YD25K items are available in the form of a long strike plate, bolt housing, strike housing and dress plate. These products allow the lock to be surface mounted when mortice installation isn’t a viable or preferred option. The housings and dress plates are supplied with self-adhesive tape for instant application to glass doors and door frames.


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