Roller Shutter and Gate Locks

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Traditionally roller doors and shutters have been secured by mechanical means which are often not very effective or convenient. Padlocks used to secure the door to the ground are often forgotten to be fitted after the door is closed or even forgotten to be removed before the door is opened resulting in significant damage to the door. Electrically locking these doors eliminates these problems and can offer the user feedback about door state and information about when the door was opened and by whom.

The YR10 has been developed to bring the best of the electric locking world to what has been a conservative market space. Now the biggest and easiest to access door in most facilities can be secured and controlled like never before.

Made to the highest specifications, The award-winning YG10 is a weather resistant vehicle and pedestrian gate lock. Able to be installed externally it can be fitted horizontally or vertically (locking down) and is supplied with a matching strike plate. It is strong enough to prevent forced entry on all styles of gates and has integrated electronics that provide complete control over the lock and allow for connection to access control and alarm systems.