BQT Solutions. Protecting critical government facilities with sophisticated technologies.

Government facilities are besieged with serious threats daily. BQT Solutions provides the access control tools needed when there are no second chances.

Government agencies need to provide maximum protection of their facility while still providing varying levels of access to the citizens they serve. BQT Solutions provides high-security electronic locking and scalable integrated access control systems to protect critical governmental facilities.

With BQT Solutions You Can:

  • Secure your perimeter
  • Control access to sensitive areas
  • Use multi-factor authentication
  • Enhance security with biometric authentication
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Keep equipment safe
  • Manage multi-building security access

Every government facility has specific safety challenges which must be met. BQT Solutions meets those solutions with a diverse and flexible high-security product line.

BQT Solutions Product Line Includes Options In:

  • Smart card readers
  • Keypad smart card readers
  • MiniGurard smart card readers
  • Biometric smart card readers
  • CSN ┬áto secure sector smart card reader & UID to secure application
  • EMV enabled smart card readers
  • Credentials
  • Migration
  • Roller shutter locks
  • Gate locks
  • Door locks
  • Cabinet locks
  • And more!