Within this section we have provided a number of the common sorts of problems BQT Solutions customers wish to solve for themselves, or their own customers.  Should you not find the information you’re seeking, please click here to contact one of our experts who will discuss requirements in further detail.

Problem: Are you concerned at the potential for compromise (hacking) to the Wiegand lines between your readers and access control panel?

Solution: Several models of BQT Solutions Smart Readers can output encrypted (AES 128) RS485 communication.   In conjunction with these readers we can supply our High Security Module (HSM) which is to be installed in a secure area next to the Access Control Panel (ACP) to decode the encrypted data for communication with the ACP.

Problem: Looking for an access control system but want to avoid using cards?

Solution: Consider using one of BQT Solutions’ indoor/outdoor biometric solutions such as the BTBIO-X . Your fingerprint template is your ID and allows you access to areas without the need for cards. Fingerprint templates are enrolled and managed in the system with our custom firmware which uploads fingerprint templates to any fingerprint readers connected to the system.

Problem: Looking for an indoor/outdoor biometric smart reader to interface with you Time and Attendance and other security, verification and human resources management software?

Solution: BQT Solutions SDK enabled BIO-XK Biometric Smart Readers is available as a unit which includes a licenced SDK and library for seamless integration into your back–end applications.

Problem: Do you have a high turnover of access cards for your access system?

Solution: Moving to a biometric based system can eliminate the need for cards all together. BQT Solutions offers a range of products that utilise biometric technology such as the BIOX and BIOXK. Coupled with our access management software/firmware you can satisfy a wide variety of site requirements.

Problem: I have some areas of my offices with confidential or high value items that require additional security and limited access, can you help?

Solution: We can assist you in providing zonal security options for new and existing sites. To enhance an existing access system, secure key high risk areas with BQT Solutions’ BIO Series of fingerprint readers, enabling authentication and verification of access to key personnel.

If you don’t wish to deploy a full access control system, consider BQT Solutions’ Standalone Access System which is ideal for securing singular access points such as small commercial premises, server rooms, cash rooms, lockers, tool cupboards and storage bays.

Problem: I am interested in Iris Scan Biometric technology, can you help me?

Solution: BQT Solutions sells IRIS ID’s iCam 7000 series of Iris Scanning Readers which can provide up to three factor authentication for high security applications including time and attendance and visitor management.

Problem: I currently have 125KHz proximity readers and I want to upgrade to secure smart card readers but I have a large card population that can’t be changed overnight. Can you help?

Solution: BQT Solutions can supply multi-technology migration smart card readers for the upgrade project. Simply change over the readers to BQT Solutions
MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Plus® or MIFARE® DESFire® secure smart readers and during the card transition (however long it takes) the BQT Smart Readers will read either card. When the transition is complete after the last prox card is retired, turn off the 125Khz prox reading functionality and your system’s security upgrade is complete.

Problem: I’d like some information on HID iclass readers but all I can find is company sponsored articles?

Solution: HID iclass is a proprietary system which BQT Solutions do not recommend or sell, you could try www.proxclone.com for some information from a different source.

Problem: I lease several sites that each have either MIFARE® Classic or MIFARE® DESFire® smart readers. Our staff from each of these sites require access to a new building we are taking on, what can I do?

Solution: BQT Solutions can supply multi-technology smart card readers for the new building project which allows the read of both secure MIFARE® Classic or MIFARE® DESFire® smart cards, providing access to your staff on an on-going basis.


Problem: Would you like to gain access to an area from a greater distance from the reader such as in carparks and garages?

Solution: BQT Solutions’ mi-Key long range access device utilizes a keyfob rather than a card for access. The standard keyfob includes 2 buttons which can be pressed to gain access to two points such as entry and exit boom gates. The keyfob is also available with integrated smartcard technology, allowing it to be used as a credential for the access system of the whole site in the same way one would utilize a card.

Problem: I run a branch network of ATM kiosks that have been getting vandalised and damaged from repeated attacks, I’d like to minimise this and only grant access to the kiosks to our genuine card holders, can you help?

Solution: BQT Solutions can assist by providing an EMV Smart Reader which can read the public information on any paypass style of bank issued card, providing access to only bona fide card holders.

Problem: Do you need an access control system that can allow access after hours without a card?

Solution: For applications such as this, you can use BQT Solutions’ 7 Series Pinpad smart reader configured to output data based on a PIN entry only. The PIN can be emailed or sent via SMS to an after hours user such as a hotel guest who can then obtain an access card during business hours.

Problem: Is your access control requirement such that a full backend system is not practical?

Solution: This could include scenarios such as vehicle based access requirements or multisite applications where multiple access systems would be cost prohibitive.


To simply secure a single location or access point, BQT Solutions’ has developed the StandAlone range of products that provide card, biometric or PIN based access without the need for a full access system.

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