Why BQT?

Comprehensive Product Range

BQT Solutions provides a wide range of both off-the-shelf solutions and purpose tailored solutions. We work with major system integrators, security consultants and end users to develop tailored access control solutions to fulfil a range of access control requirements.

We have designed our portfolio to provide a secure, robust and flexible base, enabling customers to develop a solution to their specific needs, in the most cost-effective way.

Solutions for Every Application

Our technology is deployed across thousands of sites and is trusted by some of the most high-risk organisations in the world.

Specialising in high-security verticals such as Airports, Hospitals, Prisons and Government, our team has the proven expertise to address the ever-changing complexities associated with the design, development, and implementation in a diverse market.

Advanced Security Capabilities

Our principal objective is to provide the right product for the assessed risk. This means transaction safety and keeping people, assets, data and IP safe.

For those with the most demanding security requirements, adequate verification and mutual authentication is assured using trusted encryption standards.

Enhanced security features for readers include:

  • Random ID
  • Diversified Keys
  • AES 128 Encrypted RS485 Output
  • Formats up to 128 bit
  • OSDP for secure communication and RS485 output for long runs and TCP/IP
  • Anti tamper

Enhanced security features for locking include:

  • Unique and robust electronic locking products
  • 180° and 90° Side load/realignment door locks, as well as roller shutter and gate locks
  • Models with up to 3,000 kg Holding Force