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At BQT Solutions we believe in great customer after sales service for our products and support for all our products during the warranty period.

Our range of Smart Reader, Biometrics and Security Locks are all designed and manufactured to specification for their intended use and should be installed by appropriately qualified technicians with expertise in the relevant access control and/or locksmith industries.

Your first point of contact should always be to your vendor, the Distributor or local BQT Solutions Office, they should be able to help you with all level 1 technical support.

In the event that the technical support issue needs to be escalated, our team of engineers can generally provide support within 24 business hours of your request.

Installation Tips And Troubleshooting

BQT offer a handy trouble shooting guide when installing the BQT readers, please take these initial steps if your problem is described below before contacting technical support. It will save you time and allow you to complete your installation without delay.
  • Always take note of the correct procedure in removing and installing the reader cover, incorrect handling may damage the reader and void your warranty.

  • Never remove the cover using a screwdriver or other instrument as a lever, you can damage the unit and will void your warranty.

  • Do not over tighten screws as this may deform the casing resulting in damage to the unit and void your warranty.

  • Do not damage the wiring whilst installing the unit, this will void your warranty.

  • Check the products wiring diagram for the color coding of the wiring, the reader can be damaged beyond repair if the wiring is connected incorrectly. This will void your warranty.

  • Ensure that your wiring methods are in accordance with the electrical wiring regulations in your country / region.

  • Power to the unit is to be provided from the Listed Control unit or from a separately supplied UL Listed correct DC voltage power-limited access control power source.

  • Handle the unit with care. Do not drop/damage the unit before installation, this will void your warranty.

  • If the case is damaged, the reader may not be to the specified IP rating. Replace the reader if the case is damaged.
A BQT Logo
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