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Customised access control solutions to ensure the safety of inmates, offices and visitors.

Corrections are tasked with restricting the access and freedoms of those charged with a crime. BQT Solutions provides access control solutions to ensure the safety of inmates, officers and visitors.

Corrections often house a range of inmates who all require different security measures. From general population security to maximum security inmates, the access control system can be the difference between life and death on a daily basis.

Every prison and corrections facility has specific safety challenges which must be met. BQT Solutions meets those solutions with a diverse and flexible high-security product line.

Case studies

  • Biometric Authentication in Prison

    A Thailand private prison required three-factor fingerprint biometric and MIFAREĀ® smart card reader that was able to integrate seamlessly with their existing systems in sensitive locations where true access control is needed.


    Locked Up and Secure

    A Thailand private prison required an overhaul of their access control systems. The readers needed to be low profile and strong enough to ensure the safety of the guards and inmates in a potentially volatile situation.

  • Access Control in Unpredictable Environments

    A correctional facility needed a secure reader that would need to be robust and sit flush against the wall to deter any potential security threats. The readers also needed to offer secure encryption and utilise the custom key of the client.


With BQT Solutions you can:

  • Secure your perimeter
  • Control access to sensitive areas
  • Use multi-factor authentication
  • Enhance security with biometric authentication
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Keep equipment safe
  • Manage multi-building security access

BQT Solutions product line includes options in:

  • Smart card readers
  • Keypad smart card readers
  • miniGuard smart card readers
  • Biometric smart card readers
  • CSN, UID, secure sector, or secure application smart card readers
  • Credentials
  • Migration
  • Roller shutter locks
  • Gate locks
  • Door locks
  • Cabinet locks
  • And more!
A BQT Logo
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