Airport security and access control are a global concern. BQT Solutions has the answers.

Airport security needs are diverse and the requirements growing. BQT Solutions addresses your high-security applications with purpose-driven access control solutions.

Airport operators seek cost-effective solutions that maximise security and flow of traffic. BQT Solutions’ complete line of multi-factor authentication smart card and biometric readers and locks meet the stringent demands of high-security airport applications.

Our products have a proven track record, used widely in both international and domestic airport facilities.

Case studies

  • Keeping the Flow of People Safe

    A local Australian airport needed reliable readers installed throughout their facility that worked with their current access control systems.


    Securing the Skies

    A trusted national airline required a low-profile secure reader that was compatible with their proprietary access control data that could be easily installed on their facilities.


With BQT Solutions you can:

  • Keep facility, information, and people safe
  • Manage operations
  • Control access to highly secured areas
  • Use multi-factor authentication
  • Enhance security with biometric authentication
  • Meet regulatory compliance

BQT Solutions product line includes options in:

  • Smart card readers
  • Keypad smart card readers
  • miniGuard smart card readers
  • Biometric smart card readers
  • CSN, UID, secure sector, or secure application smart card readers
  • Credentials
  • Migration
  • Roller shutter locks
  • Gate locks
  • Door locks
  • Cabinet locks
  • And more!
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