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About us

BQT Solutions is a specialist in the development, manufacture and supply 
of high quality, high security card and biometric readers, electromechanical locks and related electronic security products.

Suppliers to the largest global security companies, BQT Solutions provides 
a wide range of both off-the-shelf and purpose tailored solutions. We work with major distributors, system integrators, security consultants and end users to develop tailored access devices to fulfil a range of access 
control requirements.
We offer OEM/white label solutions. BQT Solutions products have been volume produced, custom branded, packaged and supplied for many of the world’s major access control and locking companies using their own highly recognizable branding.

BQT Solution’s unique portfolio of products solve access problems for thousands of sites around the world and are designed to provide the right solution for any job.

Why BQT?

Specializing in high-security encryption capabilities, BQT Solutions provides a wide range of off-the-shelf reader solutions and purpose tailored, customized solutions for access control and security. The locking range is positioned to provide the most secure, yet convenient products available and their market leading features ensure they resolve the most challenging installation requirements. We work with major system integrators, security consultants and end-users to develop tailored access control solutions to fulfil a range of access control requirements.

We have designed our portfolio to provide a secure, robust and flexible base, enabling customers to develop a solution to their specific needs in the most cost-effective way. Our team can help you find the right products for your security needs, from technology migration to building a completely customized security overhaul.

Our innovative security technology is deployed across thousands of sites globally and is trusted by some of the most high-risk organizations in the world.

Specializing in high-security verticals such as Airports, Hospitals, Prisons and Government, our team has the proven expertise to address the ever-changing complexities associated with the design, development, and implementation of security and access control in today's diverse market.

Our principal objective is to provide the right product for the assessed risk. This means keeping people, assets, data and IP safe and the full range of BQT products have been developed to achieve this without compromise. Enhanced security features for readers include:
  • Random ID
  • Diversified Keys
  • AES 128 Encrypted RS485 Output
  • Formats up to 128 bit
  • OSDP for secure communication and RS485 output for long runs and TCP/IP
  • Anti-tamper
Enhanced security features for locking include:
  • Holding force in excess of 1,000Kg for all products
  • Automatic alignment of 180° and 90° doors
  • Monitor outputs
  • Anti-tamper
  • Anti-tailgating
  • Automatic locking

Our Mission

Innovating today for a more secure tomorrow.
BQT Solutions aims to innovate, engineer and produce the best electronic security technology for a global clientele to create a more secure tomorrow.

What's with the wave?

Our security devices are all about transporting the right information to the right place with safe encryption. The wave simply represents transporting that data from A to B.

Meet the Management Team

Mal is a seasoned leader of global technology-enabled businesses with more than 35 years of experience in the defence, security, safety and technology industries. Most recently, Mal served as President of Rapiscan Systems from July 2017 until September 2022 - a US-headquartered global manufacturer of security equipment and systems with FY22 revenues of US$662 million. Prior to joining Rapiscan, Mal was head of Iveagh Technology a technology development company based in Singapore and part owner of SX Technologies, a Sydney-based detection company. He was also President of Smiths Detection from 2011 to 2014. Mal is based in Singapore.

Neville is a highly experienced financial and commercial executive with proven expertise across multiple sectors including energy, mining, technology and manufacturing. With extensive experience in leadership, management and strategic financial analysis, Neville has held senior finance positions at Origin and Energy Australia including roles as Chief Financial Officer and Divisional Head of Finance. Prior to joining Ava Group, Neville was Group Chief Financial Officer at Redflex Holdings Ltd from 2017 to 2021. Neville is a CPA and holds a Bachelor of Business, and is based in Melbourne.

Matthew is a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in the security industry. During his time with the AVA Group, Matthew has held various positions and led the transition of the locking division from a small entity to a highly-regarded operation with international reach. He has been instrumental in product innovation during his time as BQT COO and has brokered distribution agreements with key global companies. Matthew spent many years developing and managing strong international supplier relationships and has a proven track record in overseeing effective operations and manufacturing. Matthew is based in Auckland

With more than 24 years of commercial leadership in US and global security technology markets, Jim has established relationships within, and deep knowledge of, the US Government and civil Homeland Security markets. Previously, Jim led the Global Security Division at Metrasens, achieving 300% growth during his tenure. He also spent more than a decade at Smiths Detection, where he led commercial activities for the critical infrastructure, federal, military, aviation and emergency response businesses in North America. Jim holds an MBA and is based in Michigan, USA.

Innovating excellence in  security for over 35 years.

In September 1984, Neil Hingston Engineering Limited became a registered company in New Zealand and not long after, company founder Neil Hingston invented the Model 38, the first solenoid lock in the world that could genuinely deadbolt. Sales were initially local but by the end of the decade included Australia then Europe during the 90’s before continued expansion through large parts of the world in the following years as new products were added.

Mid 1990’s saw the introduction of Banque-Tec to the Australian market as a manufacturer of contactless smart card readers. The Australian Market was in need of high quality, customisable access control readers and Banque-Tec (which became BQT Solutions in 2004) seized this opportunity. UK and USA offices opened and significant Government projects cemented BQT as a genuine player, earning its reputation for innovation and customisation in 
the access control world. 
2011 saw both companies merge into one under the MaxSec Group umbrella to further develop the business through synergies in products and clientele. BQT Australia maintained its focus of reader products while BQT New Zealand’s focus was on locking. 

By 2018, MaxSec was brought under the AVA Risk Group with the ambition of growing the business by diversification and extending the reach of the BQT brand globally. By aligning with Future Fibre Technologies and AVA Global, the AVA Risk Group become a leading force in the security sector.

2019 saw the combining of the two BQT businesses to one facility in Auckland. Today, BQT New Zealand designs and manufactures world leading RFID and Biometric readers and Electromechanical locks with a dedicated team both locally and around the world. Our Mission is to keep Innovating today for a more secure tomorrow.


BQT Solutions Preferred Partners

BQT Solutions has several trusted and valuable partners for our leading-edge technology around the world. Our partner programme is designed to bring technology and innovation together to produce some of the most secure security and access control solutions available in today's market. 

The BQT Solutions preferred partner programme is offered exclusively to our most trusted wholesalers, distributor or integrators as a way to build a strong relationship beyond product offerings. Becoming a preferred partner will allow you access to various benefits where BQT Solutions looks to build trusting, long term relationships that result in the best experience for the mutual customer.
“BQT Solutions provides good service for us and we have found they offer quality engineering and products for the market we service”
Tom Grainger - Securefast, UK
Trusted for over 35 years by our partners


BQT Solutions proudly incorporate sales via trusted local distributors. 
Our distributors sell a variety of BQT Solutions products and solutions 
to their customer bases. In turn, we support our distributors with a combination of benefits. 

Our distributors enjoy an excellent established portfolio of products and solutions, volume-based price discounts, training and support, marketing, promotional support, and customer referrals where relevant. In addition, BQT Solutions is actively seeking distributors in some regions so we invite you to register your interest by completing the registration form.
Become a distributor
BQT Solutions is actively seeking relationships with well-established, respected security and surveillance product and solutions distributors within a number of regions.

If you wish to discuss your business, our requirements for distributors and a potential distributor agreement within your region, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
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