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At BQT Solutions we believe in great customer after sales service and support for all our products.

Our range of Smart Reader, Biometrics and Security Locks are all designed and manufactured to specification for their intended use and should be installed by appropriately qualified technicians with expertise in the relevant access control and/or locksmith industries.

Your first point of contact should always be to your vendor, the Distributor or local BQT Solutions Office, they should be able to help you with all level 1 technical support.

In the event that the technical support issue needs to be escalated, our team of engineers can generally provide support within 24 business hours of your request.


BQT Solutions is a specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of high quality, high security card and biometric readers, electromechanical locks and related electronic security products.
  • Several models of BQT Solutions Smart Readers can output encrypted (AES-128) RS485 communication. In conjunction with these readers we can supply our High Security Module (HSM) which is to be installed in a secure area next to the Access Control Panel (ACP) to decode the encrypted data for communication with the ACP.
    Consider using one of BQT Solutions’ indoor/outdoor biometric solutions such as the BioXK. Your fingerprint template is your ID and allows you access to areas without the need for cards. Fingerprint templates are enrolled and managed in the system by our custom firmware, allowing access for only those user who have securely enrolled.
    We can assist you in providing zonal security options for new and existing sites. To enhance an existing access system, secure key high risk areas with BQT Solutions’ BIO Series of fingerprint readers, enabling authentication and verification of access to key personnel. If you don’t wish to deploy a full access control system, consider BQT Solutions’ Standalone Access System which is ideal for securing singular access points such as small commercial premises, server rooms, cash rooms, lockers, tool cupboards and storage bays.
    BQT Solutions sells IRIS ID’s iCam 7000 series of Iris Scanning Readers which can provide up to three factor authentication for high security applications including time and attendance and visitor management.
  • BQT Solutions can supply multi-technology migration smart card readers for the upgrade project. Simply change over the readers to BQT Solutions MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Plus® or MIFARE® DESFire® secure smart readers and during the card transition (however long it takes) the BQT Smart Readers will read either card. When the transition is complete after the last prox card is retired, turn off the 125Khz prox reading functionality and your system’s security upgrade is complete.
    BQT Solutions can supply multi-technology smart card readers for the new building project which allows the read of both secure MIFARE® Classic or MIFARE® DESFire® smart cards, providing access to your staff on an on-going basis.
    For applications such as this, you can use BQT Solutions’ BT817 Pinpad smart reader configured to output data based on a PIN entry only. The PIN can be emailed or sent via SMS to an after-hours user such as a hotel guest who can then obtain an access card during business hours.


BQT Solutions is a specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of high quality, high security card and biometric readers, electromechanical locks and related electronic security products.
  • Electric locks offer the user more flexibility and convenience than that of mechanical locks. Various methods can be used to control an electric lock which can eliminate the need for carrying keys. Remote unlocking of a door, logging door users and times of entrance / exit are all possible. Additionally, the BQT range of locks are strong meaning security will not be compromised in fact in most cases it will be increased.
    When a lock is referred to as ‘Power to Lock’ it simply means applying power to it will cause it to lock. If it is referred to as ‘Power to Open’ then it will unlock when power is applied. There are several names to describe a locks configuration;

    Power to Lock = PTL = Fail Safe = Fail Unlocked.

    Power to Open = PTO = Fail Secure = Fail Locked.
    Low voltage electro-mechanical locks deigned to secure pedestrian doors in commercial and residential applications. We offer both motor driven and solenoid driven locks.
    Remove the need to carry keys, allow or prevent access remotely or log door traffic. Secure glass doors effectively while maintaining a ‘clean’ look.
    A lock is typically mounted inside or onto the door frame and a strike mounted in or on the door edge. Closing the door will activate the lock and it will automatically push the lock pin out to engage with the strike and secure the door. Unlocking is achieved by sending the lock a signal from an entry or exit device (RFID, keypad, pushbutton, etc) which can be connected directly to the lock or via an access control system.
  • Vertical or horizontal installation on single or double acting doors. They need to be kept away from wet environments and for this reason mounting in the floor and locking into a strike in the bottom of the door is not recommended.
    The quality, reliability and feature set make the locks stand out from the competitors. ABS plastic components and stainless steel parts and fasteners are used throughout the locks and they are finished to the highest standards. Door and bolt position monitors, integrated access control, mechanical deadbolting and low current consumption are all standard features of a lock in this range.
    Yes, all the locks in the door lock range can withstand a force of at least 10,000N and use stainless steel pins firing into stainless steel strikes to achieve locking.
    All locks operate on 12 – 24VDC and typically use between 1 – 2A in operation and only milliamps in standby mode.
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