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BQT Solutions understands 
the needs of businesses.

With user-friendly and cost-effective solutions from BQT, Enterprise and corporate entities can mitigate risks and keep people, assets, and information safe.

Flexible, scalable, and cost-effective, BQT Solutions’ line of electronic locks and access control devices help you control who gains entrance into various parts of the facility and provide valuable movement data valuable to operations.

BQT Solutions works with you to identify your needs and provides solutions to fulfill them with the most appropriate locking and access control solutions, whether the need is low to medium or high security.

Case studies

  • High Security For Headquarters

    A global shipping & logistics service needed to increase the security at their head office. The primary driver was a high level of authentication but there was also a need for this added security to integrate into their existing systems.


    Protecting Access to the Internet

    A national internet supplier needed secure readers to be installed throughout their nationwide facilities. The readers needed two-factor authentication as well as an LCD Screen to offer feedback at the reader for user convenience.

  • Upgrading Local Service Security

    A local water supplier needed a way to upgrade and re-secure facilities from a proprietary prox credential system to a more secure 13.56MHz – specifically MIFARE DESFire, technology.


    Solving Misalignment For Local Offices

    A local Auckland shared office space was faced with securing their main entrance, with hundreds of people coming in and out for meetings, conferences, and office space.

  • Securing Private Offices in a CBD

    A local Auckland shared office space was faced with the is securing their internal offices that were rented by private businesses in the CBD.


Our products are ideal for:

  • Granting and revoking access credentials
  • Ending the need for multiple sets of and lost keys
  • Providing an audit trail of activity
  • Keeping the facility, information, and people safe
  • Managing operations
  • Controlling access to highly secured areas
  • Using multi-factor authentication
  • Enhance security with biometric authentication
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Manage multi-building security access

Trusted by recognized businesses worldwide, our extensive product 
line includes options in:

  • Smart card readers
  • Keypad smart card readers
  • miniGuard smart card readers
  • Biometric smart card readers
  • CSN, UID, secure sector, or secure application smart card readers
  • Credentials
  • Migration
  • Roller shutter locks
  • Gate locks
  • Door locks
  • Cabinet locks
  • And more!
A BQT Logo
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