In healthcare, there is no room 
for error. Especially in security.

Healthcare environments are the custodians of life, health, and sensitive information. Protect it well with BQT Solutions locks and access control devices.

BQT Solutions provide cost-effective solutions that maximise security without alienating the patients whom they serve. BQT Solutions’ complete line of multi-factor authentication smart card and biometric readers and locks are perfect for:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Urgent care
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical teaching facilities

Case studies

  • Solving Misalignment in Hospitals

    A local New Zealand hospital needed a reliable lock throughout their facility that could align and secure misaligned doors to ensure secure access control.


With BQT Solutions you can:

  • Secure your perimeter
  • Control access to sensitive areas
  • Use multi-factor authentication
  • Enhance security with biometric authentication
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Keep equipment safe
  • Manage multi-building security access

BQT Solutions product line includes options in:

  • Smart card readers
  • Keypad smart card readers
  • miniGuard smart card readers
  • Biometric smart card readers
  • CSN, UID, secure sector, or secure application smart card readers
  • Credentials
  • Migration
  • Roller shutter locks
  • Gate locks
  • Door locks
  • Cabinet locks
  • And more!
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