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LEAF Enabled Biometric Reader

January 26, 2023

Dear BQT Customer,

BQT Solutions is now an official partner in the LEAF Identity ecosystem and joins other world leading manufactures in trying to put users in control of their security. BQT’s BioXK fingerprint reader is now suited to work within the LEAF environment which creates a security system with more product interoperability, security, and functionality.

A LEAF enabled BioXK Biometric Reader offers a user the option of installing an extremely  high-security three-factor access control reader that is configured to read a LEAF Cc card. End users are in full control of their LEAF Cc keyset which utalise MIFARE DESFire® technology for inherant high security communication.

In addition, the BQT BioXK offers the unique option within LEAF to store the users Biometric data on the card – known as Template on Card (ToC). The ToC function ensures that the user is always in complete control of their biometric data by only storing an encryted template of you fingerprint on the card, not in the reader or the access system. When a finger is presented to the BioXK, this is compared to the template on the card and access is granted if they match.

If you would like to learn more about the BioXK and the LEAF identity ecosystem, please contact your local BQT representative.


BQT Solutions (NZ) Ltd.




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