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Product End of Life Notice – SED-902 handheld reader

March 3, 2023


3 March 2023

Product End of Life Notice – SED-902 handheld reader

Dear BQT Customer,

BQT Solutions (NZ) Ltd is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to its customers. As part of our continuous improvement program, it has been determined that our SED-902 handheld reader products will be removed from the product range with immediate effect.

The affected products are classified by the following part numbers;

B9171xxxxxxx SED-902 handheld and master unit

B9172xxxxxxx SED-902 expander

B9173xxxxxxx SED-902 additional handheld with charger

Customers requiring this solution can contact SEC-ENG Systems directly for assistance. It is expected that there will be little disruption to our customers with this product end of life however, any concerns can be directed to your BQT representative.

BQT Solutions (NZ) Ltd.

View this notice as a PDF here.


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