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BQT Solutions: Smarter Security Today
Our Respected Brands: Smarter Security Today
Did you know that many business still use 125Khz Proximity reader and card “Prox” technology that is over 30 years old to protect their business, assets, staff and Intellectual property from theft, fraud and malice?
BQT Solutions has the answer… click below to see how easily this Prox technology is hacked and cloned and what you can do to upgrade your access control security to BQT Smart Readers.
Introducing the COBALT… the smartest lock on the market. The Cobalt lock for 180° swing doors and the Cobalt mini for 90° swing doors address the two biggest issues with electric locking; failure to lock due to a misaligned door and failure to unlock due to load on the door. BQT Solutions has the answer… click below to see the Cobalt in action.

Corporate Overview

The BQT Solutions business is wholly owned by MaxSec Group Limited (ASX: MSP) is a public company listed on the ASX.

Global Market Leader

BQT Solutions are a global market leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying high quality, high security card and biometric readers, electromechanical locks and related electronic security products through our Smart Readers & Biometrics division and our Locking division .


We have representation in the UK/MEA, Americas, Singapore/SEA, Australia and New Zealand and we provide a wide range of both off-the-shelf solutions and purpose tailored solutions through our respected brands, BQT Solutions and YNOTLOC.


Owns respected brands, BQT Solutions and YNOTLOC. Provides a wide range of quality, reliable and innovative COTS “off the shelf” products and purpose tailored solutions.

BQT Solutions products have been volume produced, custom branded and packaged and supplied for many of the world’s major access control and locking companies using their own highly recognisable branding.

  • BQT Solutions established in 1995 with a global presence.