Case Study - Long Haul Security

November 1, 2022
The YG80 lock is the most advanced BQT Solutions roller door and gate lock to date offering a chain of custody monitoring and added security in transportation. 

Objectives: A company in Singapore provides high tech solutions for tracking and monitoring vehicles globally. A key account, an international freight forwarding company, needed a solution for securing their vehicles and containers
when in transit.

Challenges: The scope required GPS controlled access to the cargo ensuring the ability to
enter could only be granted in approved locations. With the GPS and control elements
resolved, the issue fast became finding a suitable lock.

Solutions: The unique features of the YG80 made it the obvious choice for such a job. It was robust enough for the environmental conditions, strong enough to withstand the daily demands, and offered all the feedback required to give total confidence in the system. 


Product Benefits 

Benefit One: The YG80 has been used globally to secure and strengthen security for all kinds of use cases, from roller doors to security gates and cargo containers.

Benefit Two: Offering feedback to the control panel of the door and bolt positions is a standard feature of the YG80. Monitoring the position of the door and whether the bolt pin is extended or retracted provides vital information needed to ensure a site is safe and secure.

Benefit Three: Its versatility and ability to work in all kinds of environments. The YG80 lock is reliable inside and out, in the 40°C summer heat and the worst storms during winter. It holds an IP67 rating and is reliable in all situations, it even comes with and on-board heater.


Click here to download this case study. 

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