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Case Study -Solving Misalignment in Hospitals

January 26, 2023
A local New Zealand hospital needed a reliable lock throughout their facility that could align and secure misaligned doors to ensure secure access control.

Objectives: A public New Zealand hospital needed to replace its locking through its emergency service department and general health wards. These locks would be installed on high-usage doors than often didn't align correctly and rattled when in use. With their locking needs in mind, the search for a reliable, secure lock to install throughout their buildings began. 

Challenges: Being one of the busiest hospitals in a major city, the client needed a lock that would work continually in a high traffic environment. Moreover, they needed a lock to solve misalignment, secure double acting doors, and release under sideload pressure when requested in an emergency situation

Solutions: The YD30D, also known as the Cobalt, is a revolutionary low voltage motor-driven door lock for 180º swing doors. It has been designed to secure double acting doors and addresses the two biggest issues for indoor locking; the ability to align a misaligned door and the ability to release when requested, even with excessive load on the door, making the Cobalt an ideal lock
for their needs. 


Product Benefits 

Benefit One: Misalignment is a common problem traditional solenoid locks cannot solve. The Cobalt lock will align a door that has trouble closing, misalignment of ±8mm is automatically corrected.

Benefit Two: The Cobalt lock will release open under sideload pressure when requested to ensure the lock is functional even when external forces are at play

Benefit Three: With user-selectable fail-safe and fail-secure modes, and multiple attempts to lock or unlock, the Cobalt is ready for a wide range of application requirements and can be integrated with many access control or alarm systems.


Click here to download this case study. 

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