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A New Age of Door Security

March 1, 2023
BQT Solutions explores the importance of releasing under side-load pressure and misalignment correction for doors.

YG80 Roller Door & Gate Lock from BQT Solutions

December 1, 2022
Learn more about the product in this exclusive Q&A with Jonathan Wendt, BQT Solutions’ Head of Global Sales.
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Executive Product Showcase

November 1, 2022
BQT Solutions has introduced the latest version of its acclaimed Cobalt lock series, designed to address the two most important factors in door security.
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BQT Solutions' Cobalt Series Locks

March 11, 2022
BQT Solutions is proud to introduce the Cobalt Series, which solves problems that no other lock can. (YD30 and YD30S)

Innovation in Locking: Introducing Cobalt and Cobalt Mini Sideload Locks

March 10, 2022
Designed and engineered by BQT Solutions to solve two of the biggest issues in electromechanical locking. Meet the Cobalt and Cobalt mini.
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