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Built to last. What the IP67 Rating means for the YG80

November 14, 2021
The YG80 is our largest lock and has been engineered to offer a robust and reliable lock for the international locking market.

Built to last in unpredictable environments and continue to offer a reliable locking situation, the YG80 has been designed to obtain an IP67 Rating, but what does that actually mean? Today we will be discussing the IP rating system and why the IP67 makes the YG80 ideal for your unpredictable environments.

An IP rating stands for an Ingress Protection mark, often referred to as an International (or Internal) Protection mark. It uses a two-digit grading system that’s applied to the internal casings of a mechanical or electrical item. This rating is designed to give customers a clear indication of the product’s resistance to various types of unwanted intrusion.

 ‘Intrusion’ in the context of an IP rating has multiple definitions. It refers to the level of protection to users (hands, fingers etc.) from mechanical or electrical parts; the degree of protection an enclosure offers those key components against dust, dirt and other damaging foreign bodies; and its overall resistance to moisture.

The IP67 rating awarded to the YG80 shows the lock has been tested and built to uphold its integrity in many challenging environments. The 6 of the 67 rating shows full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal, tested against continuous airflow. The 7 of the 67 rating offers protection against full immersion for up to 30 minutes at depths between 15 cm and 1 meter (limited ingress permitted with no harmful effects).

To protect the locks internals from water damage, the YG80 has three different types of seals to keep water out. There is an O-ring between the lid and lock body, a cable gland seal around the wiring loom, and a wiper seal attached to the opening for the bull pin to ensure no water is drawn in to the lock when operating.

The YG80 offers incredible strength and, due to its unique design, can be installed both horizontally and vertically in indoor and outdoor environments, securing all kinds of challenging environments. With a corrosion-resistant exterior and a built-in onboard heater, this lock can work everywhere from the Sahara Desert, on a superyacht in the Mediterranean or in the Antarctic ice, but that’s a benefit for another blog post.

The YG80 lock is the most advanced BQT Solutions all-weather lock to date. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the YG80 or the standards it has been tested to, please get in touch with us today at sales@bqtsolutions.co.nz

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