The BT951 is a stylish standard footprint mullion migration reader. Able to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and facilitate migrating from a 125kHz (FSK) card base to higher security technology such as MIFARE DESFire. The low profile and slimline shape allow for easy installation on door architraves or mullions where larger readers do not fit. It can be mounted directly on a metal door frame with no adverse effect on the reader's function. In addition, the BT951 is available in a range of secure options right up to military grade technology and encryption. It provides a flexible solution through customisation to suit all access control requirements.


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    • The dual technology of the BT951 means organisations looking to upgrade their credential system from an unsecured FSK Prox to a secure MIFARE system can do so seamlessly. The BT951 can read both cards offering a migration solution to upgrading an access control system and when the old technology is done, you can turn it off.


    • Its narrow design offers an aesthetically pleasing, non-obstructive reader that takes up less physical space than traditional cases while being engineered with robust materials to provide effective access control in the most challenging environments.


    • Offering pre-configured and customised operations, the BT951 can be set up to accept your custom key and data formats and is designed to work with your pre-existing security configurations.


    • The BT951 offers installation flexibility and integration with many existing access panels and can be customised to suit a proprietary system. When you receive your reader, all you will have to do is connect them in to secure your site with your existing access control system.

    Ideal use case

    A technology migration reader so ideal for an organisation looking to migrate its solution from low security 125kHz to high security MIFARE DESFire. Suited to any institution with a 125kHz (FSK) card base that is concerned about genuine vulnerabilities through their unsecure system.

    Options and Accessories
    Model Comparison

    Available with MIFARE Classic and DESFire and FSK 125kHz proximity cards for contactless smart card technology. The BQT Solution's suite of MIFARE Classic & DESFire readers and smart cards opens the gateway to multiple security applications, including access control and biometric authentication. Additionally, the BT951 can read multiple card types making it ideal for companies looking to slowly upgrade their access control system to a more secure credential.

    Secure encryption

    Working with your current system, the BT951 offers flexible access control, with the option to use Wiegand, OSDP or Encrypted RS485 access data output. The BT951 additional benefits of being cost-effective and easy to wire and deploy across your sites where different levels of encryption are needed for secure access control.

    Robust design

    Its sleek casing offers a robust exterior designed to withstand tampering and maintain integrity during a security threat or incident. Built to withstand common reader threats, including excessive force from a hammer or heavy tool, the BT951 will continue to operate and secure access even after being damaged.

    Tamper Monitor

    Security threats aren't always captured on camera and pose a real risk to unauthorised access. We know the peace of mind many organisations need when it comes to alerting them to security threats and the BT951 offers a tamper monitor that will alert the security team if there has been a breach attempt at one of the readers.

    Low power

    The BT951 uses power when needed but goes into a standby mode when not in use. Low power paired with high-security access control makes the BT951 reader a preferred product choice for many industry leaders by offering an eco-friendly and economical, yet secure solution.

    Voltage at Reader 8VDC to 16VDC

    Current Usage Average: 120mA, Peak: 300mA

    Card Read Range 20mm to 40mm (0.8” to 1.6”)

    Operating Temperature -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to +149°F)

    Relative Humidity (% max) 90%, operating noncondensing

    Reader Dimensions 119mm (4.69”) X 43mm (1.69”) X 23mm (0.91”)

    Materials Reader / Shroud Body: ABS Plastic, Colour Finish: Charcoal

    Feedback Green/Red LED, with external control Buzzer, with external control Tamper detection, optional output

    Credential Options 125kHz (FSK), ISO14443A, MIFARE Classic® 1K/4K, MIFARE Plus® X 2K/4K, MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 4K/8K, MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 4K/8K, MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 4K/8K

    Compliance and Certification FCC, CE, UKCA, RCM, RoHS, IP65

    BT951 Models
    • BT951-1 125kHz (FSK) / MIFARE® Classic Reader, CSN only
    • BT951-2 125kHz (FSK) / MIFARE® Classic Reader, miPASS2 Diversified Key
    • BT951-3 125kHz (FSK) / MIFARE® Classic Reader, Custom Key and Format
    • BT951-4 125kHz (FSK) / MIFARE® DESFire EV1 Reader, miPASS3 Diversified Key 3DES
    • BT951-5 125kHz (FSK) / MIFARE® DESFire EV2 Reader, miPASS4 Diversified Key AES
    • BT951-6 125kHz (FSK) / MIFARE® DESFire EV1, EV2, EV3 Reader, Custom Key and Format

    BT951 Brochure

    BT951 Instructions

    Securing An International Port

    Reader Model Comparison

    Name Application Output Protocols Operating Temperature Reader Dimensions Power Usage 
    BM680 Sites that are cost
    sensitive yet still require high security
    Wiegand, OSDP, RS485 -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to
    85mm (3.35”) X 43mm (1.69”)
    X 22mm (0.87”)
    8VDC to 16VDC, 60mA
    (Average), 160mA (Peak)
    BT930 Existing sites looking to
    upgrade the technology within the same architrave footprint
    Wiegand, OSDP, RS485 -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to
    140mm (5.51”) X 47mm
    (1.85”) X 24mm (0.94”)
    8VDC to 16VDC, 60mA
    (Average), 160mA (Peak)
    BT950 Installations that require
    a robust standard form architrave reader 
    Wiegand, OSDP, RS485 -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to
    119mm (4.69”) X 43mm
    (1.69”) X 23mm (0.91”)
    8VDC to 16VDC, 80mA
    (Average), 160mA (Peak)
    BT951 Any site wanting to migrate
    from 125KHz (FSK) to MIFARE security
    Wiegand, OSDP, RS485 -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to
    119mm (4.69”) X 43mm
    (1.69”) X 23mm (0.91”)
    8VDC to 16VDC, 120mA
    (Average), 300mA (Peak)
    BT953 Any site wanting to migrate
    from 125KHz (PSK) to MIFARE security
    Wiegand, OSDP, RS485 -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to
    119mm (4.69”) X 43mm
    (1.69”) X 23mm (0.91”)
    8VDC to 16VDC, 120mA
    (Average), 300mA (Peak)
    BT815 Sites needing a standard
    form gang box reader 
    Wiegand, OSDP, RS485 -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to
    90mm (3.54”) X 90mm (3.54”)
    X 20mm (0.79”)
    8VDC to 16VDC, 60mA
    (Average), 160mA (Peak)
    BT817 Sites requiring dual factor
    authentication or cardless access
    Wiegand, OSDP, RS486 -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to
    90mm (3.54”) X 90mm (3.54”)
    X 28mm (1.10”)
    8VDC to 16VDC, 90mA
    (Average), 190mA (Peak)
    BT853 Sites requiring dual factor
    authentication or cardless access and on device feedback
    Wiegand, OSDP, RS487 -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to
    157mm (6.18”) X 97mm
    (3.82”) X
    50mm (1.97”)
    8VDC to 16VDC, 90mA
    (Average), 190mA (Peak)
    BT51X Installations requiring a
    discrete yet secure device, ideal for Hospitals and Prisons
    Wiegand, OSDP, RS488 -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to
    Variable, to suit 8VDC to 16VDC, 180mA
    (Average), 240mA (Peak)
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