The Data Converter is a small inline device, engineered to bridge the technology gap that can arise in access control solutions. Built to convert access data between formats, this device can open up many new options when determining a site’s access control requirements and upgrading security systems.


Designed to work with challenging panels, data, or readers; the data converter will bridge the gap between incompatible readers and panels by converting data between many different Weigand formats, RS485 formats, and OSDP.


Not only can these converters be used for permanent solutions, but they can also be used as a transitionary solution to a more secure access control system. By providing compatibility between older readers and a new access control system format while hardware is being replaced, the converters allow for a more flexible upgrade to access control solutions projects where the costs and site downtime can be staggered or even avoided completely.


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    OSDP to Wiegand at the panel

    When upgrading form insecure Weigand systems, its common to install a data converter inside a locked Weigand panel. This allows your access control readers and credentials to work with secure OSDP data without the urgent need to upgrade an access control panel.

    Secure Data Encryption Kit

    A kit can be purchased to provide a secure information path by converting Wiegand signals to encrypted RS485 and back again at the ends of a cable run. This is recommended when the distance between the reader and panel requires a longer cable run that only an RS485 signal can provide (up to 1.2 km), while also providing secure encryption for the majority of the cable run.

    Wiegand to Wiegand convenience

    Changing the structure of wiegand card data may provide a convenient way of merging old and new card data sets. An example of this could be a site that is moving from 26-bit card format to a 40-bit card format, however the access control system can only be configured with one format. A custom wiegand to wiegand converter can convert all incoming 26-bit signals to a unique 40-bit signal for your system, without the need to replace all the issued 26-bit cards at once.

    LED/Buzzer control

    Designed to work with current access control systems, the data converter will still work with a reader's current feedback system, including buzzer and LED feedback.

    Data Converter

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