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Iris ID takes leading-edge iris scanning technology into access control solutions to offer a secure contactless technology for identifying and approving access to employees. Unlike other forms of authentication, such as passwords or access cards, biometric recognition provides a strong link between an individual and a data record. One area where Biometrics delivers the greatest benefit is protection against fraudulent identity access.  Iris ID takes biometric recognition contactless – ensuring the health and safety of employees and secure protection for your assets and IP.


Iris ID works where other Biometrics won't, whether due to PPE, Scars, or dirty environments. iCAM 7S needs a clear vision of an iris to authenticate identity and approve access. This technology is being deployed globally in the most sensitive facilities to offer the highest protection of IP and personnel.


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    Options and Accessories
    Model Comparison
    Third-party integrations

    The iCAM 7S is designed to integrate many third-party capabilities, including surveillance cameras and card capture. These integrations provide the base of a highly effective integrated security system for additional surveillance and increased assurance in access control approval.

    Remote Management

    Working with your current system, the iCAM 7S can be connected to your existing central server and panel, allowing for access configuration requirements at the central server as opposed to on-site. Ideal for larger organisations requiring high-security systems, remote management allows access configuration to be done away from a reader.

    Time and attendance management

    IRIS ID's software allows the management team to add and remove access as and where required for employees, contractors, and visitors alike. The software can define time, shifts, daily schedules, and holidays, aadminister employees to comply with "On-Site" and "Off-Site" procedures and Restrict access to off-duty employee.

    Encrypted template

    Encrypted securely onto the card, fingerprints are stored as an encrypted template file, unable to be duplicated or used anywhere else, and is impossible to convert back into a fingerprint image. The file is used to confirm the user's identity but is never stored on the reader or any backend database. Instead, the data is only stored on the user's access card, meaning only the user has physical control over the template.

    BQT Solutions understands there are many concerns around the privacy and security of a user's biological data. It is of utmost importance to BQT to ensure data is not compromised. Therefore, BQT Solutions does not collect any data, only transforming fingerprints templates into secure encrypted data files for the sole purpose of access control with assigned BQT readers.

    Dimensions (W x H x D) 7.01” x 8.31” x 2.52” (178mm x 211mm x 64mm)
    Weight 3.5lbs (1.6kg)
    Power Input / Consumption 12~24 VDC, 2.0 Amps @ 12 VDC / 24W
    Status LED Multi Colour - Red, Green, Blue for status and alarm indication
    Iris Operating Range Indicator Dual Colour - Orange (out of range), Green (in range)
    Voice Indication English and Korean standard, other languages available
    Iris Capture Range 11“~15” (28cm~38cm)
    User Input Six user definable Function Keys (iCAM7101S, iCAM7111S)
    Touch Screen LCD Display 4.3“ / 480 x 272 pixels (iCAM7101S, iCAM7111S)
    Pin Pad Pop-up on screen pin pad (iCAM7101S, iCAM7111S)
    Flash High output LED flash for face capture
    Face Image Camera Face camera CMOS - 5MP
    Reader Database Capacity 100,000 Users
    Transaction Log Capacity Up to 1,000,000 transactions stored on device, unlimited on server
    Relays x 2(door, other) Control for all electric locking mechanisms and auxiliary relay for user defined operation
    Operating Temperature 32°F~113°F (0°C~45°C)
    Storage Temperature -4°F~203°F (-20°C~95°C)
    Humidity Up to 90% non-condensing
    Iris & Face Camera Rotation Angle +35°/-25°
    Communications Ethernet (LAN, WAN), RS232, RS485, RS422
    Inputs / Outputs Embedded Card Reader (Optional), Wiegand In, Wiegand Out, Dry Contact Relay x 2, Programmable GPIO x 4
    Certifications CE, FCC, KC, Eye Safety, UL294, ISO Standard, IEC, KISA
    iCAM Models
    Model Number LCD Display / On-Screen Pin Pad Card Reader Colour
    iCAM7000S-B No No Black
    iCAM7000S-T No No Titanium
    iCAM7010S-H1B No Yes Black
    iCAM7010S-H1T No Yes Titanium
    iCAM7101S-B Yes No Black
    iCAM7101S-T Yes No Titanium
    iCAM7111S-H1B Yes Yes Black
    iCAM7111S-H1T Yes Yes Titanium


    iCAM Accessories 
    Accessories Description Colour
    iCAM7-RMB Recess Mount Kit Black
    iCAM7-RMT Recess Mount Kit Titanium
    iCAM7-ST Desktop Stand Black
    iCAM7-PWR Power Supply Black


    iCAM 7000 Information

    iCAM 7000 Brochure

    Biometric Model Comparison

    Model BioXK Iris ID -
    Credential Compatibility MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2 MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2
    Mounting Mounting bracket Flush or Recess Mounting
    Connector Type Flying lead Power & ethernet ports (cable supplied)
    Dimension 190mm (7.48”) X 120mm (4.72”)
    X 60mm (2.36”)
    178mm (7.01” ) X 211mm (8.31”)                   X 64mm (2.52”)
    Colour Charcoal Black or Titanium
    Operating Voltage Range 8VDC to 16VDC 24VDC @ 1A or 12VDC @2A from power over ethernet (PoE)
    Current Draw (Max) 380mA 12~24 VDC, 2.0 Amps @ 12 VDC / 24W
    Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +50°C (+14°F to +122°F) 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)
    IP Rating IP65 IPXX
    Biometric Sensor Type Optical (Morpho)
    Face camera CMOS - 5MP IRIS
    Fake Finger Detection Yes NA
    Authentication Modes Template on Card
    Template and PIN on Card
    (Finger Only (1:N), Card + Finger (1:1), Card + Finger + PIN (1:1)
    Template on Card
    Template and PIN on Card
    (Iris Only (1:N), Card +iris (1:1), Card + iris + PIN (1:1) available)
    Enrolment Integrated Reader/Enrolment Device Separate (but interchangable) enrolment & identification
    Controller Communication Wiegand
    Encrypted RS485
    Ethernet (LAN,WAN),                             


    Input Control Buzzer/LED external control Customizable, color LCD touch screen
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