miPASS Access

BQT’s biometric access control system, miPASS Access software package, is based on IP connectivity and biometric security for full flexibility. The BioXK device work as a reader for multiple types of credentials. It has features that extend the system beyond that of conventional systems with 1 and 2 factor authentication and can establish security protocols between users and readers.


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    • A software-driven system that's installed on-site, offering the convenience of local web-based management.
    • Easily connect with BQT Solutions Biometric readers through reliable IP Connectivity.
    • Establish nuanced security protocols between individuals and readers. From basic to intricate rules, tailor your site's security with ease.
    • Link user credentials for a variety of access methods, including the added security of 2-factor authentication.
    • Effortlessly manage shift work and obtain comprehensive time and attendance reports.
    • Perfect for compact sites with a singular entrance or expansive locales with hundreds of access points and thousands of users.
    • Highly secure biometric system safeguarded with encrypted templates.
    • Integrate with the Biometric Enrolment Station for on-site desktop enrolment, offering an alternative to wall-mounted readers for new user registrations

    miPASS Access Brochure

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