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Case Study - Luxury Waterfront Hotel

October 7, 2022
The YD30M, known as the Cobalt-mini, is a revolutionary low-voltage motor-driven door lock for 90º doors. Today we are going to look at how they are used in a luxury waterfront hotel. 

Objectives:  A state of the art luxurious, sophisticated waterfront residence offering a five-star hotel, four restaurants and bars and plenty of amenities required locks throughout the building to ensure security and safety of the staff, guests, and residents.

Challenges: Numerous pairs of oversized doors around the building needed locks that could be morticed into the aluminum door headers, with a strike fitted on top of the doors that solves alignment issues common with such large doors. 

Solutions: The YD30M, also known as the Cobalt-mini, was chosen with a matching brushed stainless housing and faceplate to ensure the lock would help with the alignment of the oversized doors without disrupting the look of luxury for their guests.


Product Benefits 

Benefit One: Surface housings are available for mounting directly onto doors and frames, this includes glass, aluminum, and wood in a brushed stainless steel.  

Benefit Two: The Cobalt and Cobalt-mini can be used in many applications where there is high footfall usage making it ideal for this newly refurbished community building.

Benefit Three: Misalignment is a common problem traditional solenoid locks cannot solve. The Cobalt lock will align when a door has trouble closing, the misalignment of +/-8mm is automatically corrected. 


Click here to download this case study 

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