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What is versatile installation? – YG80

September 29, 2022
Container Lock Edited
The YG80 is BQT Solutions’ most advanced roller door and gate lock to date. The lock is suited for indoor and outdoor environments, providing a solution for roller doors, oversized doors, and gates.

Versatile installation comes from the YG80’s symmetrical design. This means the YG80 can be installed both horizontally and vertically, allowing the lock to be installed in almost any form of challenging or unique environment. 

In addition, the included three-metre flying cable ensures easy connection for all the monitoring, control, and the 12-24VDC power supply.

Providing access control solutions for over 35 years, BQT Solutions saw a gap in the market for a lock that was strong enough to work in all environments that could also be installed however which way was necessary to secure an opening.

The YG80 is designed to handle rain, extreme temperatures, and high forces, so it can provide a secure locking solution for all tough access control jobs and is used where strength is paramount, even when the environment is unrelenting.

As the manufacturers of the YG80, we don’t often see where our products are installed, but we know some interesting use cases: an elephant enclosure at a zoo, a superyacht garage, and securing of goods for long and short-haul transport. The YG80 is commonly seen on vehicle gates and shipping containers; with Military, Corporate, and Government being the largest sectors using the lock.

The YG80 has been made for any climate and any entry. This award-winning breakthrough product is a motor-driven, high-strength lock that offers versatile installation, making it ideal for securing any opening that needs true security. If you are interested in learning more about the YG80, please contact us at sales@bqtsolutions.com

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