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Overdue an access control update?

December 20, 2021
The first access control system dates back to 27BC (yes, you read that correctly). The Praetorian Guards were employed as bodyguards to the Roman Empire after it transitioned from a Republic to an Empire.

Still, this isn’t a post about the Roman Empire and while we do still have some security guards and intelligence agents protecting assets, in the grand scheme of things, we look to technology to control access and secure assets nowadays.

Jumping forward a few years, the mid-70’s saw the innovation of a technology-based access control protocol called Wiegand. This proved very popular but like all technology, time has caught up and advancements mean it is no now longer the best choice. Even when more secure options including OSDP hit the market, many facilities preferred to install Wiegand access control systems thinking it was still secure. 

Unfortunately, today small handheld devices that can sniff Wiegand signal wires are readily available that copy the data and replay it to enable unauthorised access into a facility.

So, let’s say you have concerns about your Wiegand access system, how do you fix it?

Firstly, you could look to upgrade your readers to ‘migration’ readers that accept both old and new card types and output in a secure OSDP format, a positive first move to resecure your facilities. For example, the BT951 is a standard footprint mullion migration 125kHz (FSK) / MIFARE® reader. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and facilitate migrating from a 125kHz FSK card base to a higher security technology such as MIFARE® DESFire. This makes it ideal for companies to upgrade their credential system from an unsecured FSK prox to a secure DESFire system. The BT951 can read both cards offering a migration solution to upgrading an access control system.

Once you have upgraded your readers, you'll soon work out your panel still runs on Wiegand data. This is where a simple data converter comes in. By installing a data converter at your panel, your now secure access readers will output more secure (non-sniffable) OSDP data that will be converted back to Wiegand at the panel. As you slowly upgrade credentials and readers, your system will become more secure, and you won't need to upgrade your panel. Brilliant right? Upgrade the essential parts and secure your facilities without completely overhauling your system?

Now get this, you don't have to go looking all over the place for the right readers and the perfect data converter. BQT Solutions offers it all. Our BT951 has been designed for this specific use case. Clients can install this reader and have it work seamlessly with their Wiegand system. They can upgrade their credentials and install a data converter to resecure their facilities, all with high-quality BQT Solutions products. If you think it might be time to move on from insecure 1970's access control, Contact BQT Solutions on  sales@bqtsolutions.co.nz, and we can walk you through the steps.

BQT Solutions is a specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of high quality, high security card and biometric readers, electromechanical locks and related electronic security products.
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