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YG80 Feature - Complete Monitoring

January 17, 2022
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A common concern of electronic locking is knowing that a lock is in the desired state at any time and also knowing if someone has interfered with it. 

This is essential when locking highly secure facilities or when locking locations in unpredictable environments.With this in mind, when developing the YG80 our engineers knew they needed to design a lock that offered complete monitoring of the lock and its positioning at all times.

So why is monitoring so important and what do you monitor? A large facility with fully monitored locks offers immediate and convenient feedback of all locks, therefore doors, to a central location. The YG80 has a range of output signals - bolt locked and unlocked position, door position, and tamper detection, which combined paint a very accurate picture of the lock’s status. With this complete monitoring, the YG80 offers peace of mind and assurance to the security of a facility.

Door position monitor – By monitoring the position of the door, a security system and/or team can be assured that the door is in its intended position, open or closed. By having this feature built into the lock and matching strike plate, there is no need to install additional door monitors.

Bolt position locked monitor –When the bolt position locked monitor is activated, a team can be assured the bolt pin is now fully extended. This feedback along with a closed-door position signal confirms the facility/ opening is completely secure.

Bolt position unlocked monitor – By monitoring the bolt position when it’s unlocked your security system or team can make informed decisions knowing the bolt pin is now fully retracted – ideal for remotely opening a closed-door for example.

Tamper monitor – The YG80 is often used in outdoor environments where the public can access and attempt a security breach. The YG80 offers peace of mind by monitoring the position of the locks lid, if it is removed a signal is sent and a team member can be altered to a possible break-in.

The engineers designed the YG80 to be our most monitored lock allowing it to be remotely controlled by a system and ensured the lock is in the correct position at all times. With a wide variety of applications from internal rooms securing the latest technology to garages on mega yachts and even the odd elephant enclosure, the YG80 lifts the standard for monitoring.  

The YG80 is suited for outdoor/indoor environments, providing roller door locking applications and oversized doors and gates. Made for any climate and any entry, this award-winning breakthrough product is a motor-driven, high strength lock offering true security. If you would like to find out more about the YG80, please get in touch with us at sales@bqtsolutions.com

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