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Designed to work with all insecure Wiegand panels, the HSM solution will provide encrypted communication signals between HSM-ready BQT readers and the panel. By using this product, existing Wiegand panels can be left in place while readers are upgraded to output a secure signal, that the HSM then converts to Weigand securely at the panel.


This ensures the information path cannot be compromised whether the reader is wall enclosed or at a remote site such as an access gate. This encrypted communication can travel much further than Wiegand communications.


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    High Security

    By utilising a 128-bit AES encryption between an HSM-ready BQT reader and the HSM, this type of high security communication is an industry standard across all sectors. This level of encryption used is still commonly used at government and military level.


    The connection between a BQT reader and the HSM is via RS485 communication, thus allowing the cable run to be up to 1.2 km (4,000 ft) in length without data loss, providing greater flexibility and reducing installation costs..


    The HSM will decrypt to a Wiegand format for compatibility with most old and new access control panels. This provides a security upgrade pathway without the need to change the control panel.

    Flexible Installation

    When upgrading an existing system, only the readers need to be replaced. This can occur all at once, or slowly over time to flatten project costs and also minimise or avoid site downtime. The project may only require the most vulnerable readers get replaced with HSM-ready readers such as readers at external doors, while internal readers can be left as Wiegand where the lines are less likely to be attacked.

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    Improving Local Government Security

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