YD30S - Cobalt Single

The YD30S, known as the Cobalt Single, is a revolutionary low voltage motor-driven door lock for 90º doors. It has been designed to secure single-acting doors and addresses the two biggest issues for electronic locking; 1) the ability to align a misaligned door and 2) the ability to release when requested, even with excessive load on the door.


The Cobalt Single is typically used in commercial doors and controlled by access control systems. This gives the user the ability to control access in and around a facility and provide traffic reports when desired. In addition, the Cobalt Single can be used in a more straightforward system where controlling access to a single door can be implemented with a stand-alone access system.


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    • Engineered to release when requested even under significant sideload pressure, something a traditional electromechanical lock won't. Sideload pressure of up to 6,000N (1350 lbf) can be applied, and the YD30S will still release if requested.


    • Innovative design, the Cobalt Single lock will align a door that has trouble closing fully by automatically correcting misalignment of up to 8mm (5/16"). A common problem traditional electromechanical locks face is not being in the final position for the lock to work. The Cobalt Single mitigates that risk by pulling the door in to ensure it closes fully and locks.


    • Offering feedback to the door's control panel and bolt positions is a standard feature of the YD30S. Monitoring the position of the door and whether the bolt pin is extended or retracted provides vital information needed to ensure a site is safe and secure.


    • Flexibility in installation as the Cobalt Single only requires low voltage power and signals to operate and can connect to any access system making wiring easy.


    Ideal use case

    High traffic volume, single-acting pedestrian doors where door alignment or releasing when requested under sideload is required. Commonly seen in mortice installations on office doors but also used on single-acting glass doors where security is paramount, convenience required, and appearances important. Used across all market sectors.

    Introducing the Cobalt Series

    Options and Accessories
    Model Comparison

    World-leading in innovation and engineering, the unique design of the Cobalt Single uses a collapsing mechanism that is deadbolted when locked but will unlock when requested, even with 6,000N (1350 lbf) of sideload force on the door.


    The pivot action of the Cobalt Single bolt pin will ‘grab’ the strike plate and pull the door into position for a misalignment up to 8mm (5/16").

    High Security

    With a 10mm (3/8") thick stainless steel bolt pin, the Cobalt Single has a holding force in excess of 10,000N (2250 lbf). In addition, onboard control provides auto relock for added security.

    Low Current Consumption

    A Cobalt lock will draw as little as 40mA in standby and only require a 0.75A,12VDC power supply. Low current paired with high-security access control makes the YD30S a preferred product choice for many industry leaders. Offering an eco-friendly and economical solution, the Cobalt Single utilise a low power mode when in standby mode.

    Integrated Access Control

    With user-selectable fail-safe and fail-secure modes, and multiple attempts to lock or unlock, the YD30S is ready for a wide range of application requirements. It can be integrated easily with access control or alarm systems.

    Versatile Installation

    The Cobalt Single can be morticed flush into both the side or top of many door frames, and fitting tabs are available to make installation quicker. The lock is supplied with a matching strike plate as standard, but additional items are available in the form of a housing and dress plate. These products allow the lock to be surface mounted when mortice installation isn’t a preferred or viable option. The housing and dress plates are supplied with self-adhesive tape for instant application to glass doors and door frames.


    Tested for endurance for over 1,000,000 cycles, the Cobalt Single offers durability and safety in   high-volume traffic environments.

    Certified EN14846

    Holding the EN14846 certification, the Cobalt Single has been tested and awarded the European Standard for strength, security, durability, and function of electrical and electronic components for all types of electromechanically operated locks and striking plates used on doors, window doors and entrance doors in buildings.

    Fire tested

    The Cobalt Single has been fire tested and approved to ensure our locks won’t compromise a fire door’s integrity or effectiveness.

    Door Gap: 6mm maximum

    Static Strength: 10,000 newtons (2250 lbf)

    Sideload (release on request): 6,000 newtons (1350 lbf)

    Endurance: Cycle tested to 1,000,000 operations

    Bolt Pin: 10mm (3/8") thick, 13mm (1/2") extension

    Alignment: 8mm (5/16") misalignment correction

    Voltage at Lock: 12-24VDC ±15%

    Initial Current Draw: 750mA@12V, 400mA@24V

    Standby Current: 40mA@12V, 25mA@24V

    Monitor Switch Ratings: 30VDC max, 100mA max

    Lock / Strike Plate Material: Stainless Steel 304

    Bolt Pin Material: Stainless Steel 17-4PH

    Compliance and Certification: CE Compliant, RoHS 2 Compliant, FCC Part 15 / IC Compliant, RCM Compliant, UL Listed, EN 14846:2008 Certified, Suitable for use on fire resistant door sets

    YD30S Models 

    The Cobalt Single lock is user fail safe / secure configurable and is supplied with a matching strike plate and mounting screws.

    • YNL220A – YD30S Lock and Strike
    YD30S Accessories 

    For installations requiring surface mounting of the lock, a housing and dress plate are available. Both the housing and dress plates are supplied with self-adhesive 3M® tape for instant application to glass doors and door frames.

    • YNL223A – YD30S Long Strike Plate
    • YNL224J – YD30S Housing with tape
    • YNL226J – YD30S Dress Plate with tape
    • YNL208 – Fitting Tab Kit
    • YNL209 – YD30X Wire Loom

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