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Restricting Access - Where Solenoid locks are the best option

October 11, 2021
High volume pedestrian areas pose a common security threat. How do you restrict access effectively to those who can and can’t, or shouldn’t enter specific areas?

Access control systems come into play here, however, the fundamental aspect to any secure access control system is the lock it uses to unlock and lock access doors. To ensure your access control system is in complete control, you should be investing in solenoid locks.

What is a solenoid lock?

A Solenoid lock is a small, low voltage electronic deadbolting door lock. A Solenoid lock is a small, low voltage electronic deadbolting door lock. Solenoid locks work as a standalone primary lock or can be used in conjunction with a separate handle latch which will hold the door before the solenoid lock secures it. They are suitable for internal doors of public buildings, offices, schools or hospitals and in other high traffic areas where security and accessibility are important.

Solenoid locks offer a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that uses less energy when compared to door magnets. While the temptation will always be there to try and cut costs, the growing importance of security within high volume buildings and the need for reliable, secure locks make our solenoid locks an ideal solution for high value, high-risk applications.

The YD25 family of locks are the BQT Solutions innovative solenoid locks, ideal for use in high volume buildings. Each of the locks are reliable, durable and rated to 1,000,000 cycles making them a leader in the market.

With stainless steel bolt pins, the YD25 family of solenoid locks all have a holding force in excess of 10,000N making them strong against any potential security threats. Onboard control provides auto-relock and timed relock for added security and offer complete monitoring of the lock and bolt position meaning the YD25 family can connect to your access control system to display the status of the door's security.

The family consists of the following products;

YD25– Our popular solenoid-operated deadbolt, small enough to fit into narrow door frames yet strong enough to prevent forced entry. Full monitoring and built-in access control functions are all packed into this reliable high-quality lock.

YD25L-Extending the features of the YD25 by one key element, the YD25L has a unique magnetic latch that helps align the door before the deadbolt operates and secures the door.

YD25K– This lock operates like the YD25 with the addition of a manual key override operation. If you’re in the market for a reliable, secure lock to be used in a high-volume access door, the team at BQT Solutions are happy to have a chat about our range solenoid locks that can work for your solution. Get in touch with us today at sales@bqtsolutions.co.nz

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