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Three Features of a Secure reader.

October 18, 2021
For a user, the most relevant interaction with an access control system is the reader that they badge to unlock a door. 

Often with thousands of access attempts and potential security threats, access control readers must include three key features to ensure the strength of your security. Tamper Monitors, Robust Designs and Secure Encryption are essential in high-security readers to ensure the strength of your access control systems and today, we thought we would look at each of these features and why they are so important to a reader's strength in an access control system.


Tamper Monitors

Security threats aren't always captured on camera however, we know the peace of mind many organisations need when it comes to alerting them to such attacks. A tamper monitor will alert the access control system of any attempts at a physical security breach of a reader. This added layer of security is ideal in large scale operations that house sensitive information where security threats and breaches are most likely to occur. The BQT Solutions suite of access control readers have been designed with this in mind, offering a tamper monitor in all our reader offerings.

Robust design

A robust exterior for a reader should be designed to withstand weather changes and tampering while maintaining integrity during an attack or incident. Your readers need to be built to withstand common threats including impacts to ensure they continue to operate and control access even after being damaged. The BQT Solutions suite of access control readers have been engineered with a tough exterior designed to maintain the reader's integrity in all situations.

Secure encryption

Utilising encryption that can’t be compromised between the reader and access control panel is fundamental to a secure system. Working with OSDP or Encrypted RS485 access data output, access control readers should suit your current forms of secure communication while providing confidence that the connection is secure. BQT readers all offer these options and if your systems are currently running on Weigand communications, the use of a BQT Solutions output module might help resecure your access control system.

The BQT branded suite of access control readers have all three of these essential features. Our solutions can cover all applications and risk levels from low to high-risk and multiple-factor authentication readers. Our technology is installed at thousands of sites globally and is trusted for some of the most high-risk security applications globally. If you think it’s time to upgrade your access control readers, feel free to get in touch with us today at sales@bqtsolutions.co.nz

BQT Solutions is a specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of high quality, high security card and biometric readers, electromechanical locks and related electronic security products.
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