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Securing Natures Gentle Giants

An Australian Zoo needed a lock to secure an elephant enclosure.

Locking Up The Stock Room

After a repairman did a local electronic store job, he noticed the lack of security where high ticket electronics were kept inside the storeroom.

Securing An International Port

An international port required a slimline low-profile reader that is easy to install on door architraves or mullions where larger readers will not fit.

Access Control In Unpredictable Environments

A correctional facility needed a secure reader that would need to be robust and sit flush against the wall to deter any potential security threats.

Biometric Authentication For High Security

A military base in America needed a high security access control system for their facilities. The readers needed to offer three-factor authentication with biometric data. Biometric identification in access control uses biometric data, such as fingerprints, to identify a person and approve access.

Securing Private Office In A CBD

A local Auckland shared office space was faced with the is securing their internal offices that were rented by private businesses in the CBD. The building manager needed a lock that would pull in misalignment and secure doors to private offices to ensure the tenants areas were secure at all times.

Solving Misalignment For Local Offices

A local Auckland shared office space was faced with securing their main entrance, with hundreds of people coming in and out for meetings, conferences, and office space.

Upgrading Local Service Security

A local water supplier needed a way to upgrade and re-secure facilities from a proprietary prox credential system to a more secure 13.56MHz – specifically MIFARE DESFire, technology.

Protecting Access To The Internet

A national internet supplier needed secure readers to be installed throughout their nationwide facilities. The readers needed two-factor authentication as well as an LCD Screen to offer feedback at the reader for user convenience.

High Security For Headquarters

A global shipping & logistics service needed to increase the security at their head office. The primary driver was a high level of authentication but there was also a need for this added security to intergrate into their existing systems.

Solving Misalignment In Hospitals

A local New Zealand hospital needed a reliable lock throughout their facility that could align and secure misaligned doors to ensure secure access control. With their locking needs in mind, the search for a reliable, secure lock to install throughout their site began.

Protecting The Next Generation

A private education provider required new readers to be installed in their world class facilities and throughout their buildings on campus. The new readers needed to integrate seamlessly with their existing security and access control systems.

Securing The Skies

A trusted national airline required a low-profile secure reader that was compatible with their proprietary access control data that could be easily installed across their facilities.

Keeping The Flow Of People Safe

A local Australian airport needed reliable readers installed throughout their facility that worked with their current access control systems.

Upgrading Security For The 21st Century

An Australian government agency needed to upgrade their readers that worked with their current access control system. The new readers needed to be both functional and low profile while offering seamless integration to their proprietary system.

Improving Local Government Security

A government department needed to add an additional layer of security to their exterior doors to ensure access couldn’t gained by getting access to the communication lines behind the readers.

Securing Government Secrets

An Australian government agency needed a secure two-factor authentication wall mount reader that would integrate into their current system.
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