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The YG80B: Bluetooth Convenience Meets Modern Security

May 7, 2024
BQT Solutions (BQT), an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality access control solutions, recently unveiled the Bluetooth-enabled version of its award-winning YG80 industrial lock at ISC West 2024. With thousands of installers, end-users, locksmiths, specifiers, and integrators in attendance, the feedback was unanimous. The YG80B is a product that the access control world needs—and needs now.

Equipped with built-in Bluetooth technology, the YG80B can be installed within a facility, ensuring it remains out of reach from potential attacks whilst still allowing for convenient and secure operation directly from a mobile phone.

Engineered with a focus on weather resistance, the YG80B features a UV- resistant lid and a built-in heater, making it well-suited for challenging environmental conditions. The YG80B Bluetooth enabled lock secures everything from prisons, cargo containers, gates, roller doors and locations where security and convenience is of the highest importance. 

"The new YG80B takes motor-driven, high strength locking to the next level. It not only offers users ultimate control over their security from a mobile phone but includes additional features including user-selected fail safe / fail secure operation, multiple attempts to lock / unlock and the option to hardwire the YG80B into the facility’s physical access control system. We are proud to bring to the market a truly unique lock where security and convenience don’t need to be compromised."

Matthew Nye-Hingston – Chief Operating Officer

YG80B Benefits

Unparalleled Strength

The YG80B’s unparalleled strength lies in its 18mm stainless steel bolt pin and reinforced strike. Exceeding the highest UL 1034 strength standards and with concealed mounting bolts to eliminate attack points, the YG80B is the optimal choice for securing a facility and precious assets.

Bluetooth Enabled

Unlike other locks which are commonly installed on the exterior and vulnerable to attacks, the YG80B - with its integrated Bluetooth technology - can be strategically placed within a facility. This enables safe, seamless, and secure operation directly from your mobile phone, combining simplicity with robust security measures.


The versatile YG80B lock is reliable inside and out, in the 40°C heat and in freezing snowstorms. It holds an IP67 rating and is reliable in all environments as it comes with and onboard heater.

Complete Monitoring

Offering feedback to the control panel of the door and bolt positions is a standard feature of the YG80B. Monitoring the position of the door and whether the bolt pin is extended or retracted provides vital information needed to ensure a site is safe and secure. In addition, a tamper monitor will provide alerts of lock attacks.

YG80B Features:

• Tested and approved holding force exceeding UL Burglary Resistant Electric Locking standard UL 1034.
• On board monitors provide door and bolt position as well as tamper status for integration into access control systems.
• IP67 certified design and corrosion resistant with built-in heater for sub-zero climates.
• Direct control via built in Bluetooth connectivity.
• Low current consumption of 40mA in standby and 300mA operation at 12VDC (heater disabled).
• Versatile installation both horizontally and vertically in indoor and outdoor environments.

Deployed in environments requiring unparalleled strength and convenience, the YG80B’s robust design caters to the demands of extreme environments. From gates and roller doors to trucks and shipping containers, the YG80B addresses locking challenges for large openings. Ideal for military, corporate, and government sectors, the YG80B prioritizes both strength and convenience, making it the preferred solution for security conscious customers.

Get in touch with BQT to find out how you can protect your properties and facilities with the YG80B.

Your Security, simplified.

About BQT Solutions

BQT Solutions (BQT) is a specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of high quality, high security card and biometric readers, electromechanical locks, and related electronic security products. Providing high security solutions to verticals such as Airports, Hospitals, Prisons and Government for over 35 years. BQT is part of Ava Risk Group – a market leader in risk management technologies trusted by some of the most security conscious


BQT Solutions is a specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of high quality, high security card and biometric readers, electromechanical locks and related electronic security products.
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