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Exploring Access Control Solutions for Defence Facilities

July 30, 2023
In today's world, defence facilities play a critical role in protecting national security. These facilities house classified information, valuable assets, and personnel engaged in vital operations. As the security landscape continues to evolve, it becomes imperative for defence facilities to adopt robust solutions that ensure the highest level of protection against unauthorized access.

Biometric Access Control Systems:

Biometric authentication has emerged as a game-changer in access control solutions, providing a unique and secure way to grant or deny access based on an individual's physical attributes. Defence facilities can leverage biometric technologies such as fingerprint scanners and iris recognition systems to establish highly accurate and reliable access control. BQT offers biometric readers that delivers the ultimate security by combining leading-edge fingerprint scanning with secure encryption and an optional keypad to provide a single, dual or three-factor authentication solution for your access control. BQT also offer a unique solution named ‘Template on Card’ which safeguards your privacy against the theft of your biological data. The biological data used for access control is encrypted securely onto the card, fingerprints are stored as an encrypted template file, unable to be duplicated or used anywhere else, and is impossible to convert back into a fingerprint image. A gamechanger in access control and privacy protection.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

To fortify these facilities against potential breaches, employing multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a no brainer. MFA combines multiple independent credentials, such as something the user knows (passwords or PINs), something the user possesses (a swipe card), and something the user is (biometrics). This layered approach significantly enhances the security of defence facilities by making it extremely difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain entry. Advanced MFA solutions provide customizable configurations to meet the unique requirements of different access points within the facility.



RFID Readers:

Radio frequency identification (RFID) readers have long been recognized as effective access control solutions. Access cards store encrypted information and can be programmed to grant or restrict access based on user privileges. Coupled with RFID readers, these cards enable quick and efficient verification, allowing authorized personnel to move seamlessly within the facility while maintaining strict control over access points. Currently, many access control systems are using 125kHz card technology, commonly called Prox cards. With technology advancements, credentials and security technology that use Prox are now easily comprised making once highly secure premises easily hacked.  Upgrading and re-secure facilities is the best way to ensure protection. Working with BQT to migrate to the modernized 13.56MHz, specifically MIFARE DESFire technology, will set your defence facility up to safeguard assets, personnel and information.

Video Surveillance and Illuminators

Video surveillance systems have become a staple in modern security frameworks, and their role in access control cannot be overstated. By deploying high-resolution cameras strategically throughout defence facilities, security personnel can closely monitor entry points, observe suspicious activities, and ensure the smooth flow of authorized personnel.

Likewise, illuminators play a critical role in ensuring effective surveillance for these facilities that require the highest levels of security. First and foremost, illuminators provide enhanced visibility, especially during low-light or night time conditions. Proper illumination allows surveillance cameras to capture clear and detailed images, ensuring accurate monitoring and identification of potential threats and access control. By minimizing dark spots and blind areas, illuminators enable comprehensive coverage of critical areas, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

As the global security landscape continues to evolve, defence facilities must remain at the forefront of technological advancements in access control solutions. By embracing innovative technologies like biometrics, multi-factor authentication, RFID readers, and video surveillance, defence facilities can establish robust defence mechanisms against unauthorized access.

The adoption of advanced access control solutions is not just a choice but a responsibility that defence facilities must embrace, so contact BQT Solutions on sales@bqtsolutions.co.nz and we can work with you to ensure your access control is as secure as Fort Knox.


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