miPASS Readers

Ease of Use Without Sacrifice

Many access control system designs are founded on ease of use at the sacrifice of system integrity. MiPass is the best of both worlds.

Unlike most access control solutions, BQT’s solutions allow you to choose the level of encryption and authentication to meet your security needs with a fully customizable line of BQT Smart Reader products. From our standalone units to fully integrated enterprise solutions, BQT access control systems are designed to provide maximum security, maximum value – and a migration path to meet present and future needs.

The BQT branded suite of Smart Card readers uses MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Plus® and MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 contactless smart card technology. Our solutions cover all applications and risk levels from low to high risk applications and multiple factor authentication readers. Our technology is installed at thousands of sites globally and is trusted for some of the most high-risk security applications in the world.

BQT Solutions Series Line

Mini-Series – Perfect for smaller applications with a compact and unobtrusive design.

3 Series – Provides dual factor authentication with an LCD display for user feedback and messaging.

5 series – Offers tamper resistant and water-resistant durability – Robust, Reliable, Security – built to withstand harsh environments.

7 Series – Dual Factor Advanced Security – Built to withstand harsh environments.

9 series – Engineered for tough environments – IP Rated and available in several models, right up to Military grade encryption

Our Solutions Utilize:

  • OSDP– Open Supervised Device Protocol is a communication protocol which allows card and biometric readers to interface with control panels.

Our Solutions, Your Way

BQT Solutions offers the solutions you want, the way you need them.

  • “Off the shelf” secure Smart Reader and Card systems
  • Tailored solutions which can be specified for any security application
  • Cobranding
  • OEM/White label
  • Volume production