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The YG80 lock is an advanced roller door and gate lock designed and manufactured by BQT Solutions. The lock is suited for indoor and outdoor environments, providing a solution for gates, roller, and oversized doors. Made for any climate and any entry, this award-winning breakthrough product is a motor-driven, high strength lock for securing any opening that needs true security.


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    • Ideal for many situations and challenging jobs, we say around the office that the YG80 is ideal for 'securing any, and all large openings'. The Orca has been used globally to secure and strengthen security for all kinds of use cases, from roller doors to security gates, cargo containers, and even animal enclosures.


    • Its versatility and ability to work in all kinds of environments. The Orca lock is reliable inside and out, in the 40°C summer heat and the worst storms during winter. It holds an IP67 rating and is reliable in all situations, it even comes with and onboard heater.


    • Offering feedback to the control panel of the door and bolt positions is a standard feature of the YG80. Monitoring the position of the door and whether the bolt pin is extended or retracted provides vital information needed to ensure a site is safe and secure. In addition, a tamper monitor will let you know if the lock is being attacked.


    • Flexibility in installation as the Orca only requires low voltage power and signals to operate and can connect into any access system making wiring easy.

    Ideal use case

    Any large opening that demands the highest security,is exposed to the most extreme weather conditions, and requires access control operation including chain of custody. Commonly seen on overhead doors, gates and trucks and ideal for standalone access by utilizing the built in Bluetooth control. Useful in
    most market verticals.


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    High Security

    With an 18mm diameter stainless steel bolt pin and reinforced strike design, the Orca has a tested and approved holding force that exceeds the highest level of the UL Burglary Resistant Electric Locking standard UL 1034. The mounting bolts for the lock are concealed under the lock's cover, which can't be removed without triggering the tamper detection monitor.


    The Orca has been designed from the ground up with weatherproofing as a critical feature. With an IP67 certified design, E-coated aluminium lock body and strike for excellent corrosion resistance, and a built-in heater for continued functionality in sub-zero climates, the Orca can handle any environment it is placed in.

    Complete Monitoring

    The Orca has a range of output signals - bolt locked and unlocked position, door position, and tamper detection. Monitoring the position of the door and whether the lock is open or closed, the Orca will connect to your access control system to display the status of the lock for security.

    Low Current Consumption

    With the heater disabled, the Orca will draw as little as 50mA in standby and only 300mA operation at 12VDC. Low current paired with high-security access control makes the Orca a preferred product choice for many industry leaders.

    Integrated Access Control

    With user-selectable fail safe / fail secure modes, three user-selectable control methods, and multiple attempts to lock or unlock, the Orca is ready for a wide range of application requirements and can be integrated with many access control or alarm systems.

    Versatile Installation

    The symmetrical design means the YG80 can be installed both horizontally and vertically in indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, the included three-metre flying cable ensures easy connection for all the monitoring, control, and the 12-24VDC power supply.

    UL Listed

    Holding the UL certification, the Orca has been tested and awarded the American Standard - UL certification, which specifies requirements and test methods for strength and durability of electrical and electronic components for all types of electromechanically operated locks and striking plates used on doors, window doors and entrance doors in buildings, and has complied with these standards and testing, to ensure product integrity.


    Door Gap 15mm maximum

    Static Strength 40,000 newtons (4,000Kg) ( exceeded UL1034 standard 6673 N (1500 lbf))

    Dynamic Strength 200 joules (exceeded  UL 1034 standard 95 J (70 ft•lbf))

    Endurance Cycle tested to 300,000 operations

    Bolt Pin ø18mm, 30mm extension, ø28mm receiver

    Voltage at Lock 12-24VDC ±15%

    Current Usage Standby: 40mA@12V, 30mA@24V, Maximum: 1.0A@12V, 0.5A@24V, 2.0A@24V with heater on

    Monitor Switch Ratings 24VDC, 0.5A

    Materials Lock / Strike Body: Aluminium 383Bolt Pin: Stainless Steel 304Strike Ring: UV Stabilized ABS

    Compliance and Certification CE Compliant, RoHS 2 Compliant, FCC Part 15 / ISED Compliant, IP67 Ingress Protection, Grade 4 Corrosion Resistance (EN 1670:2007), Cold Operation -35°C (EN 60068-2-1:2007), Dry Heat Operation +70°C (EN 60068-2-2:2007)

    YG80 Models

    The YG80 lock is user fail safe / secure configurable and is supplied with a matching strike plate.

    • YNL300A – YG80 Lock and Strike
    YG80 Accessories

    The lock is designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally, indoors or out. There are not standard mounting accessories however please contact BQT Solutions if you have specific installation requirements.

    • YNL303A – YG80 Strike

    YG80 Brochure

    YG80 Instructions

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    Securing Natures Gentle Giants

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    Long Haul Security

    Keeping Trade Secrets Safe

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