Reader Modules

BQT Reader Modules provide flexible security beyond the door.

Ready for your custom integration needs, BQT Solutions supplies its outstanding technologies in durable modules that can be used in many applications, such as into building services like elevators, vending machines, or office machines. Our modules can also be integrated with custom plates for architecturally inspired designs. From low to high security needs, BQT has you covered.

Potted Reader Modules- Slim design able to be integrated into your technologies.

Lift Elevator Modules-  Available in several models to cater to all integration requirements.

Naked Module- Ready for integration and provides added security right where you need it.

HSM- Mitigates the risk of Weigand and line hacking.

Our Solutions, Your Way

]BQT Solutions offers the solutions you want, the way you need them.

  • Off the shelf” secure Smart Reader and Card systems
  • Tailored solutions which can be specified for any security application
  • Cobranding
  • OEM/White label
  • Volume production