The YC20 is a cabinet lock designed to be powered by a battery. This makes it that ideal solution for vehicles, providing a simple, efficient and cost effective method of securing all cabinet doors and drawers while the vehicle is in transit. Additionally they offer a perfect method for securing stand-alone cabinets at home or in a work space where access to mains power is difficult to access.

YC20 is a very simple but effective lock; the lock itself is mounted inside the cabinet, a strike secured to the door or drawer with the interaction between the two achieving locking. The locks are all wired to a power supply, which is normally a SLA battery, in a parallel daisy chain configuration and are controlled by a single three position switch. Moving the switch from the off position to one of the two momentary on positions will cause the locks to unlock, and moving it to the other momentary on position will cause them to lock. By controlling the YC20 locks in this manner there is only power being used as the locks move from locked to unlocked and vise versa so even a relatively small battery will result in thousands of locking cycles.The key features that make the YC20 unique are;

  • Zero power consumption as it only uses power as it changes state from locked to unlocked and back.
  • Easy installation with the patented installation aid.
  • Small footprint to fit into the tightest cabinet spaces.
  • Strong enough to prevent unwanted opening with a holding force of 500N.
  • Completely concealed solution with the locks and wiring hidden inside the cabinet.

In addition to the single switch that controls all the connected locks, individual control is also achievable. By utilizing the same style switch single doors or drawers can be locked / unlocked as desired while still having the central control function. In a typical installation multiple cabinets are secured and controlled by a single switch while a selected few cabinets have an additional switch connected as well. Access to these cabinets can be controlled by either the central switch or by their individual switch.

The YC20 is sold in packs of 4 and included in the packs are matching strikes, installation aids, strike spacers and mounting screws. A three position (ON) OFF (ON) switch is recommended as the best means to control the locks and BQT Solutions offers an off the shelf option for ease.

Feature Specifications

PART ORDER NO. YC20 Lock and Strike (YNL600)
PHYSICAL SIZE Lock – 84L x 22W x 22H (mm)
Strike – 22L x 22W x 18H (mm)
CURRENT USAGE Activating @12VDC – 360mA
CONNECTIONS ON LOCK 2 x Screw terminals


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