Door Locks

Secure your critical spaces with innovative solutions.

BQT Solutions helps you secure critical spaces with a wide range of innovative locking solutions.  Every facility has a unique set of risks that should be met with locking solutions perfectly fit to meet the specific challenge. BQT Solutions offers a diverse line of door lock products which solve high-risk needs. The BQT door Lock range of products currently comprises of seven locks, each offering their own unique benefits and features

Our Door Lock Products Include:

YD25– Our popular solenoid operated deadbolt, small enough to fit into narrow door frames yet strong enough to prevent forced entry. Full monitoring and built-in access control functions are all packed into this reliable high-quality lock.

YD25L-Extending the features of the YD25 by one key element, the YD25L has a unique magnetic latch which helps align the door before the deadbolt operates and secures the door.

YD25K– This lock operates like the YD25 with the addition of a manual key override operation.

YD38– This is the biggest and strongest lock in the range. It has all the same access control features and monitoring of the other locks with the additional holding force sometimes required in high-security facilities.

YD38L– There is also a magnetically latching version, the YD38L available for when door alignment problems exist.

YD30 and YD30M-  Known as the Cobalt and Cobalt-mini, these two motor-driven locks bring two long-awaited features to the concealed electronic locking market; the ability to align severely misaligned doors and the ability to release when requested even inside load condition. As with all the other locks, they are fully monitored and have built-in access control features.